Russia as a member of EU. Why not?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 27, 2006.

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  2. I don’t think Russia would join the EU, simply out of pride and the fact it would be a step down.

    I mean obviously apart from the fact it would have to fulfil required human rights, law, corruption, political and other reforms ect like all new member states do. I just don’t think Russia would be prepared to essentially sit on equal footing with some of the other member states. As well as being subject to some European rulings. It isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, just an interesting one.

    Don’t get me wrong, Russia as part of the EU would certainly be positive (if it could be amicably achieved) I just don’t see it happening in any time soon.
  3. The EU might have to re-write the laws regarding mobility of labour within the union, I don't think current member states could cope with potentially tens of millions of (probably temporary) economic migrants.
  4. Of coure it will not happen any time soon. As for causes...

    The image of EU in Russia is undoubtly positive. So I believe the membership would be welcomed by wast majority of Russians.

    Human rights. The 'carrot' of EU-membership could improve the situation very quickly.

    Corruption. Recntly in Finland pres.Putin was lectured by Spanish EU official about mafia. In return mr.Putin asked about mayors of some Spanish cities (from Costa del Sol) how well they are in the jail and noted that 'mafia' is not a Russian word.

    Maybe the current level of Russian economy is the main cause? But Bulgaria and Romania are not rich countries with developed economy.

    And suppose that GDP per catite in Russia would be equal to the mean EU level. Then what? Would it be OK to accept Russia in the EU? Unlikely, the main obstacle is a political one, moreover rather geopolitical.

    Russian membership in EU would make EU too strong, would make it an undisputable economical, cultural and even military centre of the World. Agreed decisions of this imaginary expanded EU would be regarded in as decisions of Power number 1 in the World. In this context NATO would be an obsoled organisation and would be likely substituted by EU military structures.
  5. Tens millions? Personally I swear not to owercrowd by my modest person the EU and especially the UK.

    Those that wanted to leave Russia mostly always left it for USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, the UK. I have heard that there are 100,000 Russians in London. They managed to settle there without any EU-membership. In California 2 mlns. are Russians or Russian-speakers.

    Btw, the UK is prepared to impose restriction on migrants from Bulgaria and Romania after their possible EU-membership. Use these restrictions toward Russia and it would solve the problem.
  6. You’ve got to remember though that the EU is a level of politics not seen in the world before. Most of its time is spent fighting and there are constant ideological battles (the French moaning about the EU being too Anglo-Saxon ect).

    So really, if Russia were to join in say 2025, the EU would still have a hard time considering itself a single organisation and ergo superpower, because simply put to much time is spent fighting to let it happen. That and its not really the direction most EU members generally want to move in. Military wise I think the EU is more likely to end up as a more effective NATO.

    I think really the main thing stopping the Ruskies making moves towards the EU are just old hang-ups on both sides, most other problems could be dealt with.
  7. Sooner it happens the better.
  8. hmmmm.................. mybe the UK and the Rooshins could re-form the warsaw pact??? :twisted:
  9. better to join with russia than france

    oh no I said that out loud
  10. Russia's a fascinating mixture of the European and the Asiatic. I've just driven one-way from Moscow to St Petersburg with a Hertz hire car, stopping off at villages and towns on the way, so have seen the (more or less) European side of the place. The vastness of the rest of the country and its complex racial and religious mixtures, together with conflicts with former Soviet Republics such as Georgia, makes the idea of union with the European Union just too impracticable. We absolutely should form unbreakable bonds of friendship with the people of the country though, and now that it's possible to explore the cities and countryside without Intourist breathing down your neck we can start to do that. Their leader, Putin, if you watch him on their television comes across very well in spite of the enormity of the tasks that confront him and his government. Tourism is one way we can give their economy a boost. If anyone needs any hints or tips on doing the Moscow to St P run, send me a PM.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I've been saying this for years now. Especially when the Warsaw pact broke down and we were told how unhappy the Russians were about NATO expansion. I think that maybe the eastern regions of Russia could enter into some kind of federation with Asian regions, the Musocvite state (& St. Petersburg ;)) could be part of the EU, and perhaps the Central Asian and Caucasus FSR open dialogue with the peninsula and/or Iran, Pakistan bla bla bla. Funny how some people cheered when the Berlin wall came down, but wish for invisible (fabricated) barriers to remain...

    (edited for typo)
  12. for that to work well , they need to remove the silly Visa requirements, which would put a few people off from going.
  13. The EU should've offered Russia a form of associate status on the demise of the USSR and helped them towards full membership economically and morally. Perhaps that window of opportunity is now closed, if it is I think Europe will rue the day.
  14. Imagine all the different languages we had to accomodate not just Russian.

    perhaps it is time to standadise language for use in EU business, English is the perfect choice as many business, commercial enterprises, International Flights,Tourism use it a lot, Shipping, IT, the rest of the world use it in one form or another as well as one of the biggest trading blocks using it such as USA. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, parts of Africa, Russia do use it for some business tradings.

    so why not ? I would imagine the French would be a bit upset about it, however they wil soon come round once their Big state sectors, Farming and employment collapses under the strain of trying to sustain generous wages and benefit/perks in the face of economic pressures.
  15. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well that was precisely the suggestion of a German colleague at work when we broached this very subject. English is becoming the de facto European language anyway...

    (Personally I like French :twisted: )