Russia Arms Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. These arms shipments do not include the the billion dollars that Iran is spending on their new air defense system and it does not include the nuclear technology that is being sold to Iran. This Nuclear technology is what is making Iran dangerous. Russia is profiting on both ends. It makes a lot of money. It extends its influence. The danger of a nuclear armed Iran is not directed towards Russia it but towards other Nations. Those nations are going to have to risk lives to try and undue what Russia has done.
  2. NEO_CON!!!!!

    On behalf of all ARRSERs may I say WELCOME BACK!!!

  3. So add them to the list alongside Austria and the .50 sniper rifles... Who isnt supplying the Iranians?
  4. Well, I understand they have a number of British-built patrol boats!
  5. That very nice of you to say so tricam. My New Years resolution is to be more civil. I will try but discussions do get very heated.

    Look at the dollar amounts of who is supplying weapons to Iran ,the rifles make headlines, the arms and Nuclear Technology that Russia is supplying Iran is far more destructive. One is a company the other is government policy. It goes to culpability and Russia is culpable. Russia is the author of this crisis with Iran.
    It is providing the majority of the means for Iran to threaten its neighbors. Making a ton of money too boot.
  6. Would you be bothered if they were buying from Boeing not MiG?
  7. Hell yeah...they still owe for all those Bell Helicopters and the McDonnell Douglas F-4s the Shaw bought back in the late 70s...
  8. I dont mind the Russians selling kit to the Iranian's. Russian equipment hasnt fared to well in combat vs US weapons systems.
  9. Russia is looking down a double edged sword; last I recall the I-A-Toilet Khomani told the USSR convert to Islam and be spared. Granted the I-A-Toilet Khomani is dead but I wonder if the reigning PM doesn't have the same mindset. 8O

  10. yes and I could do something about it which would be to throw the Boeing guys in jail.

    How some old military equipment equates with the Nuclear Technology and the weapons the Russians are selling to iran that is driving this crisis, to me just doesn't equate.

    If Russia wants to sell f-4's and Bell Helicopters to the Iranians be my guest, no problem after all the US has sold that to Iran so in fairness the Russians should be able to sell the same thing to the Iranians
  11. if you look at the figures on the chart they spiked dramatically in 2002 and 2003, what could have triggered the panic buying of weapons at that time, possibly the threat of American ground troops being on the Iranian borders?? maybe the US is the driving force behind this