Russia and USA Understanding

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bullet_catcher, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. Russia and the US have signed a Memorandum of Understanding "to enhance their military ties". I hope this is the start of a genuine attempt to repair relations, and IIRC William Hague will be going to Russia next month, so we may sign something similar. It just involves setting up high-level committees from what I can see. Unfortunately we have a long way to go before our paras can chase their paras across the steppes on exercise, and then get drunk with them afterwards.

    Times of India report here US, Russia sign agreements to enhance defence ties - The Times of India
  2. Not a non-aggresion pact is it?
  3. Both states getting a bit leery of China?
  4. Pretty near the truth there 40C!
  5. Whatever they say, the Russians will probably use it as a way to leg the Americans over. Putin's a master at it.
  6. The Ruskies helping the Septics in Afghanistan?
  7. Bingo. But for a price. A very high price. The current US commitment to two campaigns largely irrelevant to their national interests mean they're going to get it in the shorts, and I see this as the equivalent of making sure plenty of lube is involved.
  8. Who knows what might happen in the future. Russia joins the EU and becomes a member of NATO?
  9. Ouch.

    Do'nt think so, given their recent history. Russia would be pilloried in the press but that would'nt phase them. US would be pilloried in the press and at home which would upset them. Can you see Archangel Barry and The Sinister Clinton selling that one to both Houses AND the Democrat Party?

    Though, of course, Terry and the Afghan nation would greet them with open arms.
  10. Sounds like Barry is drawing in DC's horns and trading recognition of Vlads sphere of influence for a Northern LOS through the Stans. Necessary bit of strategic groveling the way things are shaping up in the Punjab.

    On AFP
    Gates can afford to be generous in throwing the Ruskies some pork scraps having engineered that big deal with Saudi, their US competitors troughs are already brimming.