Russia aims to tighten military draft law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. make the russian army all volunteers
  2. Yeah! No takers I think!
  3. there will be some , who find army lifestyle very appealing, in the UK national service , we did get volunteers joining up.

    it willbe difficult so the only way forward is too have a easier training discipline from conscript to encourage many to join up rather than be conscripted eventually when you create a pool of volunteers, future NCOs trained in the new methods, you can start phasing out conscription.
  4. Not without drastic reforms. For a memorable picture of the life of a conscript in the Soviet Red Army see Inside The Red Army by "Viktor Suvorov."

    The more senior enlisted men are given free rein to prey on the new inductees under circumstances I'd associate with a particularly badly administered penitentiary.
  5. Saw something about that on TV, as they reach certain points in their career they go through various rituals (one was called the granddad or similar) which involves various things such as drink and beating the younger conscripts.

    Their OC (Maj/Lt Col I think) came in to shout at them and they were openly giggleing but there didn't seem to be much he could do, apart from cycle off from the barrack block on his bike. Felt a little bit sorry for him to be honest.

    The Russians need to start to create a cadre of well trained, motivated and non "traditionalist" NCOs to induct the future generations. With a long term goal of phasing out conscription when volunteer levels are enough to sustain numbers.

    For that though they will need money, lots of it, not only for training expences etc. but also to pay the volunteers. No one will volunteer if they have the risk of being not paid every other month or being paid in cabbages or tatties or what ever.

  6. Dont know if thats a viable option, recruits would be paid very poorly
    they'd make better money else where.
  7. Such countries as the UK don't need multi-million armies. Present, relatively small armed forces are enough for peace-keeping operations and even for Iraq-style adventures. It is impossible to imagiane a situation where the UK would need 2-3 mln. army (at least in the near future). Also, it should be taken into account that the UK is a member of NATO.

    By contrast Russia with its huge territory naturally needs a big enough army. Not just now but as an ability. I mean an ability to mobilise in a short time interval huge viable ground forces. In this context Russian military doctrine (like Finnish) suggests that virtually any male should have basic military skills. One year is enough for this purpose and this year is very valuable for those who thinks about military service as a profession.

    Poppulist lawmakers previously introduced many excuses not to be drafted. Now the situations is changing: you will serve only one year instead of two but it is inevitable.