Russell Howard

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by The_Snail, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. Now, as you all know, I went to see Buzzcocks the other week, but have finally found something that makes me laugh even more. Just watched him "live" on BBC3 and thought I really was going to have a bit of leakage.

    Obese Kids

    A linky from his webpage.

    If I could get a photo of him with a Challenge Coin, or a Hols4Heroes bear, I'd be a very happy princess.

    DtS xxx
  2. On beeb 3 atm. Quality bloke!!
  3. Watched some of his series that was recently on BBC3.

    Thought he had some funny moments but mostly he was crap. Don't rate him as a stand up comedian at all.
  4. I bet you shoved marbles up your sisters bum too.
  5. Have you had a frontal lobotomy welshy?! ;)
  6. awsome comedian one of my favourites.
  7. Don't worry, you'll get a sense of humour when you get to Catterick. Ask for Sandy, and tell him Dale sent you :D
  8. Love the guy, but had to stop watching shows he was on for a while as he used the same material even in interviews when he could, for what seemed like an age - got a bit annoying and I started to think he wasn't that talented because of that.

    However, the new show he has on BBC3 has really proved he's a very funny bloke. New material and good improv, and some of the stuff he says on the fly makes me choke on my brew more often than not.

    For example, those who watched his show the other day, when confronted with the 7'7 giant : "sorry but I can't help thinking about your poor mum"
  9. I saw you, swearing at a train!! :D
  10. Russ is kack..

    He was okay as a foil to Frankie Boyle.

    His own show??

    Naaaaaaaaaa.... :(
  11. You don't have telly where you live, and probably couldn't understand him anyway.

    Frankie is funny, but I can't see him doing stuff like that. The swearing at the train bit was too too funny.
  12. I went to see his gig last week, really funny guy.

    I stopped watching his show on bbc3 though cause i didnt want to hear the jokes before i'd got there. Had this problem when I saw frankie boyle as I'd heard 50% of them through watching mock the week.
  13. I prefer watching Jimmy Carr. I think a large part of Russel Howard's act is physical slapstick which I don't rate.
  14. We have that done when we get to secondary school! It's cumpulsory.
  15. Jimmy carr? Now i know you must have had a frontal lobotomy. as funny as paint drying. He might get the occasional smirk from me, but Russell more often than not gets me chuckling.
    Very few of the current ones get me guffawing.