Russell Brand......??

I don't get it? what the f*ck is this fascination with him? Admittedly I have never listened to one of his routines or shows, cause he looks like a complete tw*t? and do women really find him interesting or is this the usual liberal media borox????

BBC apologies for Brand prank
I don't know what it has to do with the 'liberal media' (whoever they are) but I've never found a word that he has uttered raise even a titter.

Women may well fancy him, because they are - in general - thick as.
Started to listen to the show as I quite like Johnathon Ross but Russel Brand was a complete tossur so ditched it and went of for a drink. Even Wossy was begining to sound embarressed and they hadn't even call Andrew Sachs at that point.
I've hated this fcukwit ever since I saw him present the NME awards a couple of years back-at least Bob geldof had the decency to say what we were all thinking and call him a cnut!
I used to think he was an utter, utter tw*t -this opinion came from him being associated with that Hive of t*ats, Big Brother.

However, upon listening to a few of his Radio 2 shows and seeing his stand up on TV, the odd looking fellow has gone up in my estimations. Indeed some of his quips are quite funny. And he's a top shagger, so can't be all bad.

The particualr clip in question was moderately amusing, and it is intersting to note that Manuels granddaughter is in a dance troupe called the 'Satanic Sluts'.

He's not everbody's cup of tea, but he does possess some modicum of comedic talent. Give him the benefit of the doubt, I say!
I have had the unfortunate "pleasure" of listening to 5 minutes of one of his radio shows the other week and had to switch channels. He is nearly as bad as Pierced Organ.
When he did the early Big Brother forum type show I thought he was genuinely a funny guy. When he went to the evening slot and was therefore allowed to be controvercial he stopped being funny. All his "jokes" seemed to be about how big his balls were.

At Christmas, my wife still thinking I thought he was good bought me his live stage show DVD - unwatchable.

Do women really find him attractive ? I've never heard one say she fancied him ?
Come to think of it whats the fascination with his sidekick too. Woss is a talentless unfunny halfwit, whose puerile innuendo makes me reach for the off switch. Brand is a scruffy unfunny arrsehole.

Neither of them is worth £18000 per year let alone £18Million, and I resent paying my license fee to pay for shows and people who I cannot stand. Time for a clearout at the BBC.

Im surprised this hasnt been picked up by the police to pursue the 2 idiots, as clearly an offence has taken place.

The BBC could do worse than fire both these talentless individuals,
What!!!!!???? Russell Brand..more like Bland if comic talent now comes in the form of taking the p**s out of others short comings by continualy flogging the same sarcastic retourt to death in a style of an Elizabeathen/victorian dandy then you would be right. Like others I can't see anything funny in the person or his act..........he is a creation of Big says it all. Had the misfortune of seeing his live show laugh............I never started!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've no time for ether of them

and can safely say I can find nothing attractive about ether of them


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Can't stand him, he makes me want to throw things at the telly.

I could of course just change channel...
Bogtejebo said:
Of course, Russell brand is ex PWRR.
This has got to be a wah, surely?

In the interests of agreement with the rest of the community online here, I fail utterly to understand the popularity of this tw@.
I am going to buck the trend in saying that I do actually find him quite amusing, albeit rather silly at times.

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