Russell Brand

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YorkieDragoon, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. What a surprise to see that hairy c**t out with the stinking masses of protesters/vandals. I'd like to see the Police baton charge and fist fcuk the barrstard :x
  2. he'd probably enjoy it!
  3. Hmm, I can see the stinking skinny jeans wearing goit trying to get in with the young uns by taking up such a dumb cause as anti-capitalism. He probably thinks that if the state owned all the factories he could get his hair 'product' free from the government minitstry of lotions, ointments and theraputic oils... or minicunt in newspeak.
  4. I was in town on an unconnected matter and dropped by for a look. The bearded moron came and stood right next to me by the Bank of England, prompting a sharp exit from me before I did something I regretted. Like set his beard on fire.
  5. I recall him being a guest-speaker at Oxford once. As I hear it he got a standing ovation on his views on immigration à la "well, y'know, we should just like, let anyone 'oo wants to in".
  6. It's all our faults for recognising the twaatbubble - just let him slide into the crack induced obscurity he so rightly deserves
  7. I feel I have to use the only word fitting this waste of air


    Obviously, the spelling doesnt quite say it like I feel it.
  8. At lease cnuts have a use - this one only helps the environment around him by converting O2 into CO2 for the plants to photosynthesise
  9. How terrible setting his beard on fire... you should set the whole of him on fire!!
  10. The man is a fooking goon! Die you waste of oxygen!
  11. He is a complete and utter c0ck and i fail to see how he had a tv show and a radio show. I've seen more talent going through the bins at Victoria station.
  12. The jurys out for me, if he ends up swimming in hemp dressed maidens sucking on roll ups and writhing around on a damp mattress in a Camden squat by noon tomorrow then Im off to Army and Navy for a makeover and Im on the first train South with pockets full of idealisms ! :D

    I mean surely these two are worth a hickory stick over the noggin and sore hands from slinging bins through Mcdonalds windows ? :D

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  13. If you get them two indoors they're going to smell like wet dog with all that damp hemp product on.
  14. Crikey. That's a bad case of follow through. As adventurous as I am in matters of girlie bottom love, that's pushing the envelope somewhat.
  15. Wet dog and hippy ladies pooh?? It ranks up there with freshly baked bread and cinnamon brownies !! :D