Russell Brand - Sachsgate Was Media's Fault

I think Russel Brand is a complete utter ****** who is totally unfunny, and his crude, excessive swearing and twattyness only impresses the type of people who think The Hangover movies are the most brilliant films ever created.


'Any publicity is good publicity' I think their mantra goes? He must be in need of some publicity if this shite has made the news again. Both he and Ross have never been funny. Ross is a media whore and this bloke is just some geezer who is/was shagging somebody famous. There's another long haired unfunny **** who occasionally appears on 'Never mind the Buzzcocks', I think he's mate's with Brand. I can't even remember the ****'s name, the non-entity. Just cannot see what is funny with these people and that's not a generation thing. They truly are unfunny.
Never understood what people see in him. Tosser of the 1st Order.


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Bias against BBC? More like bias against unfunny shites.

And by that I don't mean their moronic phone call, which comes into the category unwise, I just mean unfunny in general.
Bias against BBC? More like bias against unfunny shites.

And by that I don't mean their moronic phone call, which comes into the category unwise, I just mean unfunny in general.
"Lead Balloon" come in to that category. Who in God's name commissioned 4 series of that terminally unfunny shite?
He has a point, only 6 complaints until the Daily Mail ran the story and stoked up the flames. Something similar was tried with Frankie Boyle but it was on Channel 4 and he's a columnist for the Sun so it amounted to nothing.
"Lead Balloon" come in to that category. Who in God's name commissioned 4 series of that terminally unfunny shite?
Personally I find Ricky Gervaise (funny how spell checker tries to change that to "overpraise"!) totally unfunny, yet the still keeping rolling out his shite..
This is hardly news, Russell Brand says "look at me, look at me" as usual.

In other 'shocking' news "Pope seen wearing a daft hat and bear shite found in woods"
Brand does have a point - let's not forget that the Mail was running a particularly vigorous campaign against the BBC and the amount of cash it was paying Ross (not an unreasonable complaint, but the Mail was doing a 'Jonathan Ross tells his child off for barging into old lady : is this child-hating beast worth £800,000 of your money each year?/ Jonathan Ross finds cure for cancer and brings peace to Middle East: Outrage at £800,000 a year parasite moonlighting' style campaign), and seized on this.

What Brand misses is the fact that the Beeb's version of the OODA loop kicked in as usual: Dismiss Complaint - Become Uneasy - Capitulate - Apologise.

A sensible BBC leadership would've issued a statement straight away, saying something along the lines of:

1. We know Ross and Brand are twunts, but people seem to like them for some reason
2. We didn't know they were this stupid, though.
3. We have kicked them in the pants
4. If they do it again we'll sack them
5. We've apologised to Andrew Sachs and Ross and Brand damned well better do so if they know what's good for them.
5. Paul Dacre can Foxtrot Oscar.

Instead, of course, we ended up with the usual shilly-shallying which meant that the whole thing dragged on for days when kicking the pair of idiots in the slats early would've killed it. You can't - for instance - imagine Lord Reith faffing about like the Beeb did at the time (Reith would've suspended them for a month and - allegedly - invited Brand round for cocktails 'and wear something flimsy, young man...'). And the one thing that the BBC was going to be stubborn about was not sacking Woss, which, of course, they didn't.

So although I'd only micturate on a blazing Brand if I knew my bladder were full of petrol, I do think he might have the makings of a point, even if he has spun his usual 'look at me, look at me' into it.
Brand did the voice for Dr Nefario - the incompetent side kick in Despicable Me...


Somehow that scene always reminds of how shite Brand is, and where his career is going...

What is more worrying, is that a nasty, hypocritical snot rag of a paper is being allowed to dictate what happens in modern life.

Yes Brand is a twat but it should have been up to the BBC to sort it out, not have the swivel eyed lunatic paper and it's readers force a decision.
Now the cancerous paper is fingering itself about stopping porn online, whilst it completely misses the point that these changes will not stop peado's and child porn in any way.

It's high time that the DM, it's readers and anyone who posts links to that turd ridden paper had their ability to breath restricted.
The Daily Mail doesn't influence public or political opinion any more than The Sun (them wot won it). They just slavishly follow popular opinion and jump on bandwagons to boost sales.

Why the BBC think anyone is interested in Brand's opinions is beyond me - does your average R4 listener want to know his choices for Desert Island Discs (although the idea of him being marooned has merits) or his views on drug laws and politics on QT. Arguably though, his "views", appearance, behaviour and nose-diving acting career are funnier than his jokes.


So readers and the media were to blame for Gland and Wossy's juvenile drug fuelled and deluded comedy effort on Radio? Ah yes Russell Gland, hairy smelly squeaky little freak, that him? Annoying ******** Syndrome and BiPolar apparently diagnosed. Smackhead, prolific alcoholist and promiscuous flange flogger.

Shortest marriage ever , to Katy Perry. Friend of Courtney Love (ha!), member of the Tragic Circle and underground addict movement. Secret handshakes, AA as well probably, and Mafia like pretensions fooling no-one but themselves, because, all in all, they're pathetic addicts, shitbust. Do us a favour Gland, crawl back under your hairy unmade bed after a quick score, there's a good lad.

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