Russell Brand engaged to Katy Perry

What the Fcuk!!?? Do attractive women really only go for long haired beardy types who's only talent is to unite one and all with the urge to smash them in the face with a fryingpan?

This planet is in sh|t state! Women, GET a GRIP!!

BBC report - Brand and Perry Suicide pact

I thank you all, I now feel better, never bottle up anger or irritation.
I give it 6 months max......
Ha ha ha, nice one jb.

Maybe he'll write some lyrics for Perry with his next insults therein.
I'd fcuk him, then again that aint saying much.
kingburn_99 said:
i quite like his book and everything....does that make me a massive hermer?!
Yes I would say so.
Isn't Brand every thinking woman's 'Minger not to be touched with a bargepole'?

It will all end in tears and his adultery.

Mr. Sachs thinks highly of him too ... :lol:
How is this in any way news?

6 months?

Three, with a massive break up, and then he tops himself, and she joins a cult.

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