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Russell Brand - cnut or comedy genius??

Cnut or Comedy Genius

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Whilst i know that there are a few threads about this bloke, here's a quick poll on what you think of him.

Cnut or comedy genius?

Personally, I think he's a cnut of the highest order and I hope he sh1ts hedgehogs and then bleeds to death. Slowly.
vvaannmmaann said:
Cnuty,cnuty,cnutitty cnut.
What he said.

Being a lady of a certain generation, that's not a word I use, but for that vacuous, airheaded, talentless, ugly, spavined, tosser I'll make an exception.

I thought this long ago, but having heard what he and 'Wossie', a person who used to be quite intelligent, but has dumbed himself down to a point of arrant stupidity, put on Manuel's anwerphone, I think they are both c*nts, and should be sacked.

And as I typed that, I also said it out loud, and want you all to know I said it with as much venom and hatred as I could muster.

Also, I'm fairly convinced that Russel Brand and Amy Winehouse are the same person. Imagine Brand with his hair up and having had a shave....
TankiesYank said:
Does his appearance (that of a gay goth elf caught in a windtunnel) add to the cnutishness? Or is it purely a personality problem?
I think it's the whole package. I'd like to shave off his hair and shove it in his mouth - hopefully he'd choke, but if not, at least the mass of it will make sure he can't speak.
Cnut, cant see what people find amusing about him, nothing he says is funny, nothing he does is funny, and it goes on in that way.

To even consider calling him a comedy genius, is an insult to the real comedy geniuses, like Spike milligan, Eric Morcombe or the monty python lot etc etc.

So Cnut, nothing more can be added.


Book Reviewer
He is a vacuous waste of skin and hair....the perfect non-man to represent everything that is wrong in this "celebrity" obsessed culture.

With luck he will have a daughter one day who gets gang raped by baboons who leave an answerphone message on his mother's answerphone.

I do not expect that the BBC will have the balls to terminate him and Ross as they are managed in a moral vacuum.

Just to make it clear for those who did not understand. He is a disease.


Book Reviewer
TankiesYank said:
Does his appearance (that of a gay goth elf caught in a windtunnel) add to the cnutishness? Or is it purely a personality problem?
This was clearly taken before he saw 'Pirates of the Caribbean'



Book Reviewer
Wasn't he marched off MTV (a U.S. TV staition) for turning up dressed as Bin Laden the morning after 9/11?
He's an unfunny talentless twat who seems to be trying to be a cheap version of Frankie Howard and his titter ye not phase
Every time he's in the news it's about shagging some wannabe
As for 'Wossy' I honestly don't know what people see in him is he on Radio 2 so the can claim his speach impediment as a disability and get a tick in the box for employing a spacker?
Mind his head is so far up Gervais's arse I'm supriesed he can see or hear anything

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