Russel Crowe has become one of us!!!

Perves beautiful women with gorgeous norks from a long distance.......Check

LA Confidential.jpg
He got lost while kayaking, during a break from filming NOAH! Doesn't bode well.
Prone to engaging gob before brain, check.
Pissed up rants - check
TBH, Northport harbor can be a bit tricky if you dont know the lay of the shore

I live a few miles further east and regularly we have emergency services out looking for missing Kayakers and such. Last year I came home to find helicopters all over and dozens of rescue vehicles. turns out a 6 year old in a life jacket was found about 6 miles out by some boaters. He and his father were Kayaking and wound up ni the water. Father was found 2 days later in some tangled wood just below the surface of Nissequogue river. Just last week some nut decided to swim from Nissequogue to Port Jefferson at night which caused a large response. he was eventually found alive.

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