Ruskies capture 29 pirates

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by box-of-frogs, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. Russian warship captures 29 pirates torygraph linky.

    Given that they are happy to murder any dissident that they please in London, will they also have some common sense and just shoot this lot and throw their bodies overboard???? Here's hoping so! :)
  2. Lets hope they do, but i bet someone from a goody two shoe Human Rights Org complains!
  3. I hope we are told how many of the pirates ask for 'asylum' in Siberia.
  4. The Russians took PRISONERS?!?! 8O

    Even the Ivans are going soft! :twisted:
  5. You cold almost feel sorry for the pirates..........NOT!
  6. I hope very soon they'll be 'Angry Pirates'... :p

  7. A story I heard years ago when hostages were being taken in Beirut - a couple of Russians were taken hostage by a local warlord. The local KGB rep found out who this warlord was and sent his son's head to him in a box. The Russians were released next day.
  8. Or there's the anecdote about how the Russian Ambassador to Tehran called on the Iranian Foreign Minister the day after the US Embassy staff were taken hostage. He poured a handful of sand onto the middle of the table before telling him that was what Tehran would look like 1 hour after the first Revolutionary Guard set foot inside his compound.

    He then left without another word. They like their hardball, the Ruskies. :)
  9. Presumably they'll complain so that they can find out the Russian for 'You can * right off'?

    The Lebanon story about the KGB has a variation which says that they picked up the warlord's brother (or similar relative), put a single round into the back of his head, removed his testicles, sewed them into his mouth and Fed Ex'd the body back to the warlord with a note saying that they knew where he, his family and his key supporters lived, and would he perhaps like to hand the Russian hostages back in one piece before further misunderstandings occurred.
  10. Sadly, the fact that we've now actually heard about it probably means that they will be released or used as a political bargaining chip somehow :(

    I heard recently that a Beligium warship captured some of these sh1tty little gun-totting thugs (i refuse to honour them with the name 'pirates') but had to let them go because NATO has no mandate to hold prisoners! :x In the radio interview it sounded like the Belgium Commander was 'less than happy' about it himself :!:
  11. Maybe there were more but the Russkies ran out of ammo?
  12. They force the pirates to disembowel each other, then they are orderd to toss themselfs overboard, while the whole event gets filmed, made into D.V.Ds for "entertainment perposes" for the rich.
  13. I've heard it said that: Ethics, like sobriety, are something completely alien to the Russian mindset. :twisted: We could probably take a leaf out of their book on how to deal with these fvcks.

    Like the one about their ambassador in Tehran as well - pure menacing understatement :D
  14. I heard a variation on the pile of sand on the Iranian desk... something along the line of the KGB Station Chief arriving in the office, taking off his watch, dropping it on the floor and crushing it with his heel with the warning "any hassle and that is what will happen to [their holiest city of] Qom". Either way, not problems occurred, but then back in the day if not actively supporting terrorist / anti-Western actions the Soviets had a vested interest in seeing devilment made for the West. It would seem they only had a problem if the local flip-flops confused every "white" face with being Western...
  15. That is a stupid excuse for releasing them. Not specifically familiar with UNCLOS (where I guess the allowed measures would be described) I can not comment on the legal sit. However, the EU Joint Action for Ops EU NAVFOR Atalanta states:
    The entity that has declared itself willing to take the prisoners is Kenya:

    (Exchange of letters EU-Kenya)

    So why are they released? Someone doesn't want to import a problem which is so nicely out of the way at the Horn of Africa... or has dumped nuclear waste there, allegedly. Naaaah