RUSI Land Warfare Conference

A bit surprised that this hasn't been discussed, but there we go.

Some interesting pre-conference papers (found at RUSI - RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2013), including our old favourites of "preparing for contingency", Reserves Integration and BC's Defence Engagement plans.

Two highlights for me from CGS' keynote speech:

CGS said:
(Re Army 2020) Because of the sensitivity behind many of the reforms, consultation was not comprehensive, therefore the approval and energy of the generations who are enacting these plans is both very important and reassuring.

CGS said:
We've got to shift from 'what to think' to 'how to think'. This challenge starts now, with significant implications for education and training.
As ever, I doubt this will actually change much from normal jogging, but it's nice to hear CGS talking the talk.
Thanks for pointing this out. Maybe these things are discussed differently behind closed doors but I just don't accept that this true:

Anybody seeing us through the lens of the media might question whether the Army is in good shape? The short answer - notwithstanding a number of challenges - is that we are in good shape.
Really? I'd say we've got an Army tired after two exhausting, and ultimately futile, conflicts that were at best score draws. Furthermore it's been given a good kicking through a protracted redundancy programme with the potential for more to come. Elements of the military covenant are being eroded with the impact that increasingly the Army is no longer seen as a vocation by those who serve. I suspect most people just view it as a job.

SDSR/A2020 has been entirely driven by financial considerations with no real strategic rationale leaving us in a mess both in terms of structures and the equipment programme. The huge amount of change, delivered whilst we're fighting a war, has not been planned in a coherent manner and this will come home to roost as we get into the delivery phases.

I'd therefore like to have heard him say:

The short answer is that we've got some major issues to address. We'll need time and resources to sort them out.
Maybe these things are discussed differently behind closed doors

You know what, it wouldn't kill Senior Officers to tell the truth to us. I've been preached the party line on more than one occasion, and then found the "real" line somewhere on DII, with a significant difference between the two. I suppose it comes down to trust and integrity; although I may not blame them if they don't trust us.
I couldn't agree more although I suspect the ramifications of being honest at the RUSI conference wouldn't make it the ideal place.

To his great credit, just before A2020 was announced, my last 2* announced to his whole team (200+) that he didn't have a clue what was going on and that he thought the whole thing was an utter mess. He also dealt with questions in an incredibly honest way that meant I've admired him ever since. Unfortunately this sort of thing is pretty rare.

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