RUSI Event Friday 13 July 2010

It would appear that our illustrious Secretary of State for Defence is to hold forth at a RUSI sponsored event tomorrow:

Defence Secretary to announce outline root and branch reform of Ministry of Defence

0930, Friday 13 August 2010

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors,

Parliament Square, SW1P 3AD

RUSI would like to offer its Members the opportunity to attend a speech, followed by questions, from the Defence Secretary as he announces plans for reform of the Ministry of Defence.

The Secretary of State is also likely to give an update on the progress of the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

This event, being held at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, is open to all RUSI Members.

One would have thought that the correct place for the making of any such announcements would be the floor of the House of Commons or, given they are in recess, that he would have the courtesy to make an announcement directly to his MOD staff...
Well as I am popping along I should give you some more details but if its Fox and RUSI its more than likely going to be him throwing some ideas out and testing the water (and enjoying feedback) than actual policy.

Should be slightly more exciting than normal....

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