Rushdie rubbishes royalty

The differing comments made for interesting reading. My first impression was that this country is generally held in contempt by the average Indian, that being the case perhaps they could refuse the millions of pounds of aid we provide that country.
Asked, then why did he accept the knighthood, Sir Rushdie, now a British citizen, said he had received an honour from the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in France, and it would have been extraordinary to accept something from the French state and "then refuse something from my own country".
Cos he's a billy bullshiter more like


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I met one of his minders, he said he was so far up his own literary exhaust pipe you couldn't understand him, then I tried to read one of his books and then I understood , he's a f@cking ******** of biblical proportions


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Bloke's a ******* cock-end. He's been married four times, can't look after his own kids, really pisses off everyone around him . . . . and he knocks the monarchy?


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I doubt the Shah of Iran would have been as great a threat to him as the Repiublic that replaced it.
Why on earth do we still have to waste protecting this odious little shit? He seems to have a happy knack of alienating all around him: On that basis, and he is probably wealthy enough, let him take charge of his own security.
If he doesnt like our monarchy he can always piss off back home - CNUT


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That even made the news over here, the news bod asked why he hadnt had his "Sir" removed!


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Wow, a bloke voicing an opinion that differs from yours, in a Democracy...........Outragous!
Bloke who's had the luxury of a tax-payer funded personal protection team for over 15 years akin to that afforded the Royal Family, because he got himself fatwahed, mocks the Royal Family . . . . or to put it another way, a bloke who's still alive because of the protection afforded to him by this country with its anachronistic system of democracy and head of state, mocks it.
Wow, a bloke voicing an opinion that differs from yours, in a Democracy...........Outragous!
Just because he has the right to act like a cnut does'nt mean he should.

It's the fact that the British taxpayer has been funding a level of security for Rushdie that few people outside of senior politicians and the Monarchy itself enjoy, only for Sir Cunty-baws to bite the hand that shields him, that pisses most of us off.

Plod are facing spending cuts along with everyone else: Rushdie's CP Team should be one of the first things to get cut. The tosser's rich enough to hire his own security anyway.

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