Rural Terrorists Shoot Down Advert Balloon

I don't suppose any of you guys know anything about this. Somebody keeps shooting a 30' captive balloon out of the skies of West Sussex. The balloon advertises "Big Box Self Storage."

It is suspected that somebody who put down a lot of money to own a home out there resents being made to look at flying billboards.

"Villagers shoot down advertising balloon over country park" 18 December 2008.
LISpace said:
Why are you calling them 'rural terrorists'?
maybe other inflatable advertising items are frightened that they are next?
Good God! Redeploy Counter-Terrorist Command! Man the Counter-Battery Radar! These terrorists must be brought to justice! Work for Big Box Storage by any chance?
Septics do it better when I was in new york in 93 they shot down a blimp
Advertising pizza.Crew survied was a photo of it lying over an apartment
building .Airship industries repoted one of their air ships got an arrow stuck in it.
Those things do make tempting targets dont they.
Random_Task said:
My money is on Ugly.
Wrong county, he lives in East Sussex (the better bit).


Book Reviewer

This isn't just terrorism, this is making a mockery of the afflicted!
So its ok to shoot at ugly big hot air filled bags of shite?? uh think now would be a good time for Gordon Broon and Jade Goody to go into hiding then. :lol:
Ditchling is actually (just) in East Sussex - this is another non-story. The boyfriend of our receptionist works for the balloon company and I will find out the true details Monday. BTW, Vera Lynn lives in Ditchling - perhaps she is regressing back to the '40s and thought the Nazis were coming.
pull2eject said:
So its ok to shoot at ugly big hot air filled bags of shite?? uh think now would be a good time for Gordon Broon and Jade Goody to go into hiding then. :lol:
I'd better put set of osprey and some slim fast bars on xmas list then :oops:
Apparently, it has been shot down 3 times so far, reportedly by an air rifle, but the balloon is 60m up and I wouldn't have thought that an air rifle would have that range, especially against gravity.

Big Box have two other blimps in the area, one at Hollingbury, opposite Asda, with no problems at all - and I would have thought that the local toerags in the Hollingbury Estate could lay their hands on something a lot more lethal than an air rifle, if they put their minds to it.
naa its a brighton rough estate.
that means nowhere to get an overpriced cup of coffee and some gardens could do with a bit of work :roll:

our main possie are the woodingdean massive who pose on Utube with airsoft guns and sit on peoples cars without permission truly gangsta :twisted:

even our junkies have failed to keep up and have been beaten by blackpool as heroin death capital of the UK.
allthough we have more apple mac owners than anywhere else in europe
Ah, B-H, if you want some real roughers, Whitehawks the place for you, closely followed by Moulsecoomb then Hangleton. As for drug death capital, I believe Dumbarton takes first prize over any others.
I live in the scoombe bit sad and unkempt yes
rough don't make me laugh.
its only got that reputation because its Brighton :roll:.
did housing work in Camden those are rough problem estates.
only sort of gangs we have are kids on bmx's not selling drugs or carrying using guns .
they let psco's wander round on there own :D
There is no such place as 'West Sussex', nor is there an 'East Sussex'.

There are 'county' councils (created/named by Ted 'Ted Heath' Heath) in IIRC 1974. They are for civvy administration purposes, and have nothing to do with the people's wishes.

There was only ever (but, sadly, no longer is) a '(The) Royal Sussex Regiment'.

Said name featured on their Cap Badge (excepting Cinque Ports Bn)

There was only ever 'The Royal Sussex' as their Regimental March. (CP Bn also used 'Let the Hills Resound)

There was (and is) only ever a 'Sussex Constabulary'.

There was (and is) only one 'Sussex by the Sea' (the marching song of the aforementioned Regiment, and the first march-past of the Royal Air Force).

And remember, the old dictum remains 'A Sussex man will not be Druv'. Grand-Père Whiffler & his antecedents would have no truck with East or West.

PS - Littlehampton-ites are just a bit odd though, and the less said about Brighthelmstone the better.

PPS - Who is terrorised when some cr@p advertising balloon is removed ?.

PPPS - Rant will (may) continue on the morrow.

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