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I got drunk with some work colleagues the other night and told one of them, called Rupert, about his name being slang for Army Officer.  (Yes, I know I shouldn't have but we'd all had liquid dinner that night).

The funny thing was, Rupert is so posh, he didn't get it.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought "Rupert" was applied to 2nd & 1st Lieutentants?  I did on occasion hear a Captain being called a "Super Rupert".

In one TA infantry company in London all the Subaltans were called "Miles" [and the OC & 2i/c were both surnamed "Ferguson".  I suppose being Miles Ferguson would have been a guarantee of success.]
Not sure about his voice but I know a Rupert (or "RTB" as he is known) currently doing slightly less work than a TA WO2 on an "Admin Weekend", whilst on the staff at RCB!
Do officers have reasonably good drill voices??  I know one (BAC TC  ;)) who sounds like a demented miner who has been eating gravel for the last five years, smoked 50 fags and had three bottles of port before he takes it.   He has a ruperts voice normally but maybe he trys that bit too hard during drill.  (You know who you are). ;)
Don't they argue that they don't have to drill anymore anyway?  It seems rather like the driving test - I have had a licence for 13 years but if I took the test again now I would probably fail.  Can officers remember HOW to drill?  Hhhmmm
This one can!!!!!!!!! (and I'm not even a Guardsman)

I love a bit of left-righty-lefty, and am a frustrated Sgt Maj on the drill square. You can have too much of a good thing though, so not volunteering for drill if anyone is asking.

As for accent, mine is fairly standard, not clipped, but not accented either (except for a slight Lancastrian twang). I do possess the obligatory officer's red Hackets cords though :D
Red cords....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:


Woopert you have completely demolished all my good opinion of you (like you care!).  Time to own up about the lab and the soft top now.....
Officer Drill; (try to use a schoolboy voice)

Wegiment, Wegiment - shun.

the Wegiment will adwance, by the wite........

Battallywon, Battallywon, shun....

CO;  You might be wondering why we are all standing here today...

SNCO;  H'mmm let me guess, take the week off for working so hard - No, new accommodation - No,  Another Operational Tour ?   Could be....!
;D ;D ;D ;D
No Lab or soft top I'm afraid (though I do drive a Volvo!!)

I also possess a pair of Mustard coloured cords to complement the red ones, as well as moleskin trousers and brown suede Loakes loafers. I AM my own stereotype...and i like it :D

BTW Forces Sweetheart....getting girlies all hot and bothered is what I do, after all why else would I have joined but to look good in uniform ???
It is funny that all officers are considered to be stereotypical and that the other ranks are so individual.  I might break out of the tradition, start a new fashion and go and buy a tracksuit, football shirt and trainers.  Oh hang on, that has been done already (Sgt Mess, Cpl Mess, NAAFI, the Rest of the UK.......)
It is scary - when I first started seeing my hunka burnin' lurve, everyone that knew me said how appropriate it was for me to be with an army officer.  Scary.  And yes, I suppose I dress in a stereotypical way.  But I like to describe it as classic!!
Dear F_S,

Have you not seen the old Sharpe films with Sean Bean, the rough guy from the ranks who always gets in with the officer totty because she like a bit of rough original?  Sound tempting??? :eek: :eek:
(Big grin)  hahahah - BS you are funny.  You have brightened my morning.

I was never really into Sharpe in a big way but remember that recurring theme in the series - him being sweaty and unshaven and posh girls giving him longing looks... great fun.

I liked him better as Andy McNab in the TV version of Bravo Two Zero and better still as Alec Trevelyan in one of the Bond films (Goldeneye?).  So I guess I thought he was best with the posh accent and I loved the way he said 'For England, James'.....

But the truth is that my rupert is knicker-droppingly gorgeous and knows exactly how to keep me in line, so I get the best of both worlds.....

                                I would like to complement you on your fine choice of attire. One has standards that should always be maintained, good to see old bean. If one is in a mobile role like you, I assume then inevitably sacrifices have to be made ie. 1 x Lab missing, but a direct entry officer without a soft top?

There must be a good reason or you are already hitched.

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