Ruperts carnt drink.

I know as you get older the officers probably look improbably younger than ever...but if those are not CCF or OTC cadets at most I will eat my beret.

As for "ruperts carnt drink", I'll see your clip from youtube and raise you
Why don't you post a picture of your 14 year old Junior Cadets having a naked bar for me to thrap myself into a frenzy over.
I was invited to a "ruperts mess" just before xmas......... SODEXHO thought they had experienced a blitz krieg....mess was closed for a week for repairs!!!!
If indeed they can't/caaaaaarnt, they have been bred from the wrong parents, educated at the wrong skools, and commissioned into the wrong regts.

The British army (sloshed) has always been led by the commissioned (genetically-sloshed).

Fine job we've made of things, by and large . . . .

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