Ruperts and Rodneys

OK Sprog question but what exactly is the difference between a Rodnley and a Rupert?

I was talking to a group of ex-forces lads and everybody seemed to have a different idea. One said a Sandhurst type, another said a Rodney was a Rupert up from the ranks (which is what I've always thought), somebody else said a Rodney was a pusser Rupert, somebody else went on about Rodneys being in the CSM/RSM league.

So which is it?

While we're at it, who was your best/worst example of the breed?
You've all spelt that wrong, it should be spelt phonetically ie 'Wupurt'
OK, nice to know I was right, shame I obviously couldn't find my backside with both hands and a map. I swear that didn't come up on the site search before I posted!

Now where's that Sandhurst application.......
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