Rupert Everett

The whole point of being in the Army is going to war and getting yourself blown up. They are always whining about the dangers of being killed. They are such wimps now. It's pathetic, all this whining.
Everett, who claimed he would've gladly served under Queen Victoria, says he wouldn't join the army now because: "You can do that on stage. Critics can kill. It is the same. Exactly the same."

Col Richard Kemp CBE, former head of all British forces in Afghanistan, blasted Everett saying, "This ill-judged outburst will offend many of our brave troops facing mortal danger and their families at home who also endure much."

Former military commander Patrick Mercer also waded in saying: "He clearly has very little idea of what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and appears to be struggling for publicity."
Here's his plea of mitigation for what it's worth:

He explained he made his remarks to compare war now to war in Victorian times, saying: "I compared his longing to get into battle to the way we engage in war today. Then death was glorious. Today it is what it really is. Each and every death is a terrible tragic loss."

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