Runs in phase 1

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by boredofmyjob, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. hey sorry if this is a repeat post..preparing for phase 1 at the moment and i just wondered what distance i should be aiming to run? Are we gonna be expected to run over 5 miles at a time? again sorry if this is asked all the time!
  2. hey, the longest run my troop did was abt 5 miles, but some i heard did 6, but be prepared to tab around 8 miles, hope this helps
  3. Hmm...

    I might have to start training.
    I can only run about 600/700 metres, and thats more of a jog.
  4. It's very rare that you get Runs in phase 1, they are very careful about cleanliness and the food is prepared properly. I would take Dyralite just in case
  5. haha especially on ex, just rub your spoon on your smock, it'll be fine
  6. Or , " Don't use your spoon!!!! Thumb it out! "

    Dont be last, if your worried about being last its a good thing, it means you probably won't be!

    You are expected to run, the British Army are prided on their ability to run. Get out there and swallow some tarmac!
  7. cheers bud. Im training to do 5miles at the moment presumably we wont be expected to complete that distance at the same average speed as our 1.5m run?
  8. You carry your bow and arrow and I'll chase you around the woods with a handgun. We'll soon get your mileage up.
  9. what are you joining? in our phase 1 at itc the longest we did was 6 miles, longest tab 7 miles. but it might be different at pirbright etc. and they dont just chuck you in at 5 miles or whatever, they build you up to it, hope this helps
  10. Youth of today, not even in the army and started a thread on weapons :roll:
  11. Wa-hey, some decent training!

    Also, i posted a similar thread on a different forum. I was amazed at the varied range of opinions, and wanted to see what the british army thinks.