Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RoyalEngineers, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Well.. basically yeah i'm on a college course in Public Services.. all is okay I guess, did a 6 mile run yesterday and lived to tell the tale.

    Now then, what I want to know is that if we do this run every few weeks, will I become a whole lot better at the one and a half mile run as an when we do it, and will this pretty much mean I can do basic training fitness wise without struggling too much as the youth of today do?

    Thanks, and secondly, some stuff one of them says must be wrong, and when he actually teaches us stuff about the army, I swear he said that they raised basic training by 12 weeks, in passing, and if he talks about stuff like that then I won't take it to heart :p
  2. Are you talking about the 1.5 miles every few weeks or running 6 miles every few weeks? If the latter then you need to be doing this every other day to keep your fitness levels up. If the former then yes your time should improve as time goes on. Remember it is a 'best effort' run, you should always be trying to beat your personal best.
  3. Are you sure he didn't say 'raised basic from 12 weeks'?
  4. Dunno I hope so or i'm going to lose trust in what he says. We'll run 6 miles every 6 weeks as part of fitness, and be doing regular tests based on us meeting the parachute regiments standards (if that's possible i'll be surprised.)
  5. So, are you talking about only running once every 6 weeks? Or doing shorter runs more regularly?
  6. 6 miles every 6 weeks plus 1-2 smaller runs per week and regular fitness training, events and active activities. Tomorow I am going to Go Ape in Norfolk.. :)
  7. That will help, but to really get your time down, you need to be running every other day as Devilish said.
  8. Hmm.. maybe i'll develope into that later on, closer to when i'm somewhat eligible to attempt to join the Army ;)
  9. I still have a year left till I can join but have already started training quite intensley. Want to do P-Coy though.
  10. Gotta say though guys, and maybe I'm just lucky, but I've not ran at all in a few months due to physio on my legs. Done some cycling, but not a HUGE amount (certainly not enough to replace my running)

    However, I had an event at Holcombe T.C today and actually beat my selection time (HAD been my best time).

    So maybe it's just me, but it seems that not running for a while wouldn't do you any harm anyway. So only doing a 6 miler every few weeks or more can't be such a bad thing.

    (just for the record my best times have all been sub PFT minimum)