Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by vidal, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. morning all
    started training again to join the ta but after running i find i am whezzing
    but doesnt stop me running anyone else had this experiance before your views would be great im 32 by the way and havnt trained fro a long time cheers all
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your Doctor if you are feeling any ill effects.

  3. I haven't 'whezzed' for ages. I must get my 'whezzing' book out.
  4. A while ago I had a cold. When I started running again I wheezed a bit too.
    It went away after a week or so.
    It was just slime in my windpipe, some leftovers from the cold I had.
    If you smoke the same thing can happen, irritated tissue in your windpipe and lungs can cause slime to get in the way, creating a wheezing sound.

    If you start feeling dizzy, or have a prickly sensation in your fingers or other extremities you should ask your GP for advice.
  5. Windpipe slime aside, what you're most likely experiencing is some slight inflammation of your lower airways, caused by the irritation of breathing faster/deeper/cold air. Unless you are becoming short of breath and panicky with it I wouldn't worry. It's most likely, as you say, because you haven't trained for a while and your lungs aren't used to it. Take it steady and ease back into the running, it should pass. If not, go see your GP.
  6. is 'whezzing' anything to do with slime ?
  7. Only if it's a slimy whezz.
  8. vidal, if you haven't run or done any "fizz" for a while, then you are going wheeze, splutter, be stiff, feel like death, etc, etc. Its all part of your body sorting itself out, and will gradually all fade away as you get fitter. Well done for getting out and getting fit. Maybe try and find someone else to go out running with - always a good way to keep motivated and encouraged. If you do get worried about any physical symptons, speak to your doctor. For general advice, have a chat to a TA PTI or instructor at your local sports centre (but not one of the spotty youths with a diploma in sports, as they know bugger all about anything...).
  9. Bear in mind Kaye is Dutch. What we call "Phlegm" in English is "Slijm" in Dutch, which translates straight to "Slime".

    He's not being weird, it just lost in translation.

  10. Vidal,

    Sounds like exercise-induced asthma to me. Or maybe you have a cold. It should go away. If you get really short of breath / severe pain in the chest / find yourself collapsing to the floor then see a doctor.

    Is that Vidal as in Vidal Sassoon or Gore Vidal, by the way?
  11. i no im going to regret this, vidal as in vidal sasoon a nickname shall we say i aquired many years ago as i was training to be a hairdresser for my sins once my platoon commander found out what i did it stuck
    thankfullly that didnt last long and i found a new trade
  12. It's Vidal as in "What a fcuking hermo! He's a hairdresser! A fcuking hairdresser! What a shite stabbing, chutney ferret fcuker! Did I say he's a hairdresser? He takes it in the mouth you know! Dirty, penis licking, pre-cum loving "OOh I'm Free!" cock loving fcuker"
  13. read the post again,i said did, not anymore
  14. Yeah. I'd have said Gore Vidal, if asked the same question.

  15. we all make mistakes that wasmine and it was only forabout six months