Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Tw@er, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Do sit ups and press ups on a pft actually slow your run time?
  2. Prolly not but stopping for a fag and a pint does.
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  3. Not sure...being a bit fat and shit at (and hugely uninterested in) running certainly slows mine though!
  4. I was wondering what the problem was! I'll cut the pint then.
  5. If you are training a lot for it, sit-ups can tighten up the hip flexor muscles if you do not stretch them. This intern will shorten your stride pattern. As long as you stretch off your hip flexors (footballers kneeling lunge), you shouldn't have any dramas.
  6. Thank you I'll try that in future as I've noticed tightness on certain runs.
  7. They do affect the time but it can vary from individual to individual.

    If you are quite muscular and max out on the press ups then you will get your upper body pumped a bit and this will affect your running; equally, maxing out on sit ups will, as described above tire out your hip flexors meaning the first 400m will feel as though you are running through sand.

    If you are after a fast run then get good enough at them both so that a decent score is no more than 80% of your potential max; also, doing them in sets of 20 or so will help avoid the build up of lactate.

    Best way to prepare for a PFA is to warm up on your own before the test; do a 10min jog, a fast 600m @ 80%, and a few easy press ups and sit ups about 15mins before the start.