Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. hi, i am so pissed off with this snow. why because i cant run. what would you do guys still get out there and run? but i'm abit scared maybe slip and do another injury
  2. I've been running, it's not slippery if there's a layer of snow.

    Also, even when it's icey, I go jogging.

    If you have proper running footwear, you won't slip, go try it
  3. Just come back from one myself this morning. I say get out there and get stuck in. Reason being is i can't imagine in a million years that at P1 they would call PT off because of snow, even if hell itself froze over. Only advice i would give is make sure you have decent footwear on and spend longer on your warm up/warm down.

    Have Fun.
  4. i think im gunna use the tredmill today.
    havent got no decent footwear dont wanna take the risk and dont wanna be bombarded with snow balls lool :D
  5. pfft! Running in the snow is great! the cold air and constant attack from the falling snow is great for keeping the core temp down. i did 4 miles this morning in prep for joining.

    Go on get out there! as long as you wear trainers with some tread left you will be fine... however have a friend film the run just incase you slip go head over heels and land either on your head or your arse, then youtube it for all of us to see.
  6. haha youtube it
    The snow is fine to run in was out in it at 6 this morning and its ok
    just get out there
  7. do a home made circuit training in ur living room thats what i do
  8. do use lot run in the morning or night
  9. Early morning is the best time, >1 hour after you've woken up, so your body is fully hydrated and ready to be 'punished'. :p
  10. Mate I'm hoping the snow is still there tomorrow morning, it's quite relaxing.
  11. i follow that same rule, on top of the above, i do early morning runs because the streets are mostly clear, no random cars pulling out of drives and blocking the streets, no chavs in the way, just me, the road and the dark sky.
  12. Well 20cms of snow and running don't mix, 2 miles and I was finished. It was either running knees to chest to keep moving or 2 paces forward and one back, knees hips and calves took a beasting. If its at all icy tomorrow I'm off to the treadmill.
  13. Work while your enemies are sleeping..

    Work harder when they are awake. :twisted:
  14. I will agree with you, plus in phase 1 all PT is usually done in the early hours of the morning too so is good to do it, so that you are tired by 1pm lol but thats another factor of basic you have to train yourself in is fatigue. infact being tired is the worst part of basic i think.
  15. Plus if you run in the morning the rest of the day is yours to do what you like with.