Running with Weights

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by predator887, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    im thinking about joining the Paras and ive been training to make sure i at least meet the minimum standards for fitness.

    as part of my programme i am doing a 60minute run with a 10kg backpack. Ive read online that running with weights can f*** up your legs and im experiencing some pain in some of my muscles and my knee, im not sure if its just normal after exercise pain or something more serious.

    can anyone here comment on it?
  2. Dont do it,you will get built up to it in training,stick to running
  3. No need to run with weights for Depot Para. You just need a high standard of fitness. You should be looking at completing a PFT in around the 8 minute mark. The fitter you are the easier all training will be, not just fitness. Progressive training under those that know what they're doing in Depot Para will sort the rest out for you.
  4. Good advice above from those who know.

    I have found that running with moderate dumbells rather than a pack has a very good effect on upper body strength without overloading the joints. Try 1.5-2 kg in each hand to start, unless you are a lumberjack, in which case suit yourself.
  5. Rubbish. I used to go running with my Platoon all the time and it didn't help my upper body strength in the slightest!
  6. Rubbish, running with hand weights causes the shoulders / upper body to tension which is not conducive to good running technique. It does have an effect on the joints and it's not a positive one. Either run or weight train, don't mix.
  7. Predator887, Forget running with any sort of weight. If it's on your back, it'll force you to alter your running gait, bending slightly at the hips and rounding your shoulders to compensate. This not only means that you'll be landing on the "wrong" part of your foot, the 10 kilos that you mention will also increase the impact shock by around 220 lbs. That's all extra weight that your ankle and knee-joints have to absorb while being in the "wrong position", so to speak.

    If you have weights in your mitts, it means that you can't instinctively use your natural body weight to counterbalance the disruption of mass (inertia) created by running. It's not wrong in principle, but it requires adjustments that don't happen after just one run.

    Take Fallschirmjäger's advice. It's sound. If you've still doubts, PM Sandy_the_Guvnor. He's reputed to have a bit of an idea about Para training. :)

    And don't worry. If things turn dramatic and you really do have to sprint with weight on your back, how much won't matter, and you'll still easily leave Usain Bolt standing!

    I wish you luck, my friend.

  8. Thanks fellas, seems pretty clear
  9. Very good
  10. Rubbish yourself. It works for me.
  11. I did do that, to simulate running with a rifle, without alarming the neighbours. It worked OK for me.
  12. Try not to run with weights but speed marching with weight will help (I have found anyway). Make sure that you don't overdo it and that it only forms a small part of your fitness regime. Eg one speed march per week. For what its worth, here is my cardio routine:

    Monday: 6/7 mile hilly run in trainers with running club
    Wednesday: Interval session on treadmill at 1% incline (forces me to hit the speeds I want to run at)
    Friday or Saturday: Weighted march in boots on hilly coast path or across local moors with 35lb backpack. I usually do between 4 and 6 miles or more.

    For the weight, I use a bag of builders sand. Its cheap, easy to adjust the weight, and moulds to the natural shape of your body. On top of that I also carry basic safety equipment with me (mobile phone, survival blanket, water, waterproof top, warm hat & fleece) Good luck! :)