Running with Weights (not bergans)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wellyhead, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if running with those hand weights (the bits of metal covered in foam) actually do any good ? or are you better of usinf runiing for CV and get some decent dumbells and use them properly
  2. Running is not good for you and a pointless exercise. the only thing it achieves is that you arrive before me, when I walk. I expend exactly the same amount of energy, but dont get half the damage to my joints. I have time to appreciate the scenery.
    This comment comes from someone who did his CFT on Saturday +an extra 1/2 mile because I am convince the PTI is in the gestapo, and who seriously suffered.
  3. Unless you intend on running with a GMPG in your arms then no, dont run with dumbells, get yourself a decent pack, chuck 5 bags of sugar in there and strap it up properly and get running, do your weight training static, go to your gym to find out how to do it properly so you dont do yourself a mischeif
  4. I started running with hand weights a couple of years ago. I'm well stricken in years now, so I limit myself to 3 miles twice a week. I use a pair of Olympus plastic covered 3Kg iron dumbbells - though I had to work up to that weight. There was a rapid benefit in the strength and endurance of my shoulders, arms and hands, and even a little bulk, though that was not the aim. Using the weights added about one and a half minutes to my time for the three miles, mind, and that was never very fast.

    I find I have to switch between running with arms bent and then straight every couple of hundred yards, but I think the two positions are working slightly different muscles. It's like any exercise - you can work hard at it or loaf along at minimum effort, but just carrying the things helps your upper body, IMHO

    I would thoroughly recommend it as a way of killing two birds with one stone and I wish I had thought of it forty years ago.

    But take care of your knees and shins - run in good running shoes or you will creak like me, eventually.
  5. I'm the wrong side of 50, and stupidly still run with weights. Just can't kick the habit. Sad thing is, the downhills (ooh aaah fcuking knees ouch) are worse that the uphills (can' care Welly, don't kick the aarse out of it.