Running with Weight

What is the best thing to shove in my bergen or rucksack?
Can you buy weights that are specific to the task?
I may sound dumb to the Pro's here but everyone has to learn sometime eh?
Any advice would be greatly Appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
lawnmower engines are quite heavy
At the risk of being 'wah'd' I'd say it depends on where you are going, at the moment I'm using house bricks, but then I'm not out in the ooloo. If you find yourself on top of Pen Y Fan with a bergan full of bricks when you break an ankle you'll wish you'd taken something more useful, probably.
Why anyone would want to put dead weight in a bergan is beyond me. Seriously.
Now, this might be an outlandish suggestion......but why not pack your bergan with kit you might wish to use??

(unless your a bricky in which case bricks may come in handy)
I live on the Pennines of west yorkshire so lugging house bricks might not be the best option.
We don't "Do" flat land round 'ere.
All hills.
Thanks for the replies anyway.
Even the useful ones. :lol:
Dont use dead weight like bricks and weights etc. Use clothes, stuff like that pack them tightly will stop the weight bouncing around in your bag and messing your back up.

But out of intrest how are you meant to train for P-coy or CFT's without weights PassingBells, not a dig just interested.
You don't need to train with weight to pass a CFT, you're just more likely to cause yourself an injury.

See linked thread for a previous discussion, in particular the Mod comments.

While I'd recommend getting the body used to carrying weight, others, including those who know a bit more than me about P-Coy, say it isn't necessary.

Ultimately it's your call how you train, but if in 20 years time you can't walk don't say I never told you.
Your body will only ever accept a certain amount of running with weight, so save it for when you really can't avoid it.
Whilst training, tab with weight, run without.
The only people who can run with weight and get away with it, are those who are extremely lucky (1 in a million) or those who devote their lives to the pursuit of physical excellence (that ain't you, fatty! :wink: )
if goin on the hills etc then u put sleeping bag in ..change of clothes....bags 4 clothes foil blanket..whistle..flare.torch..maps..first aid footwear..these r the basics./.add as u c fit.the weight will soon accumalate.unless training 4 the regiment or similar i would suggest u avoid this form of training as problems in later life will develop by way of arthritis etc...just running in boots will develop your fitness levels.

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