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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Crack_On, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. I'm trying to get fit for a specific inf/beating type course and have been receiving different advice. I'm pretty fit, or soon will be, and am trying to plan myself a long term (3-6 month) training regime. What I want to know is:

    Should I include running with boots?

    Should I include running with weight on my back (obviously building weight and distance slowly)?

    can anyone out in Arrseland help
  2. Do not run with boots and weight , its a short cut to the hospital

    alternate running days with gym or x training then concerntrate on core muscle groups
  3. Stating the obvious, but contact your Unit/nearest Unit with an APTC presence. Not saying ARRSE can't help, but you'll get definitive advice.

    Club-swingers could help you out too if you're near a Naval Unit.

    Again stating the obvious - but don't bother with the RAF. They only ever walk... sideways.
  4. See, thats what I always thought.

    But I have an official workout plan to prep for this course and it involves a large amount of running with boots.

    Will go and ask a friendly neighbourhhod PTI (if they exist!)
  5. If you really want to shag your lower back, knees, shins and ankles - then fill a bergen full of weights, strap on a pair of standard issues assault boots and go for a 30min run. If not, then don't.
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    hmmm. good advice here.....I know the Royal Marines send out potential recruits a very helpful booklet with a suggested pre-training the eighties the advice was that ALL training runs should be done in the boots you intended to wear at PRC and wearing a tracksuit.

    Even though you may not be aiming for a RM career, it might be worth contacting your local AFCO and asking to speak to an RM rep - I expect they have updated their PRC booklet and may let you have a copy.

    If you don't get any joy, PM me.

    Le Chevre
  7. ^ I've got a copy of an up-to-date PRMC booklet (courtesy of the RM careers office) and it doesn't really say much in the way of anything. It runs through the testing procedure of all potential recruits on their PRMC and how they expect each exercise to be completed in each test.

    It gives a brief work-out programme that concentrates on upper-body work - situps, pressups, pullups etc... But running is kept to a measly paragraph. It pretty much says 'aim to be comfortable with running 3 - 6 miles at a 7min/mile pace 3 times a week.' It suggests a VERY basic fartlek routine. I had to look elsewhere to be honest...

    It says nothing about running in boots and / or with weight - probably because both should be avoided until necessary. If you want to make your body more able to carry heavy loads concentrate on building upper-body strength and lower-back strength rather than just whacking the house on your back and charging up a hill (You'll be doing plenty of that later with your INF thingy/whatever).
  8. Cheers for the advice. Didnt want to look too much of a walt hence didnt mention that long term goal is AACC (already in TA but the chance to do it is likely to be coming up for my unit). In my search for ways to get fit for it I came across 29 Cdo RA's pre-course fitness course on army net which recommends boot running (As part of a mixture of cardio stuff) hence my question.
  9. Spoken like a truely Modern British Soldier!

    "Can't do that run unless I have my super cushioned ultra hi tech trainers!"

    feckin Fannies!!
  10. jimbleep has got it absolutley correct. If you can ( and if emphasise the freedom of choice element) do not run with a comibinaton of boots / weights etc. My fukced up knees are testament to xx years of this kind of exercise/training ( albeit I fully enjoyed it at the time and encouraged others to do the same).
  11. Keep your running to a PROPER pair of running shoes from a specialist running shop. Pick up a copy of Runners World or visit for advice on running. A couple of runs in boots (no more than once a fortninght) will show where you are going to blister and act as an indicaor as to the difference in pace/style when running in boots rather than running shoes. Run with the Bergan/webbing you are going to use on AACC, and load it with the kit that will be in it. Again this is to prevent any blisters/sore spots on you back from becoming a surprise.

    Finally, at risk of sounding a bit walt-ish, and this entirely optional, you may want to get hold of a 3ft long piece of steel pipe or box section; a lot of your runs on AACC are going to be with 10lb of Royal Ordnance's finest (did I really say that?) in your hands and you may want to try something similar if you're not used to tabbing/yomping/running with weight and a weapon.
  12. Take it from me, I am now 57 and spent 24 years in the mob running in boots/bergen and my knee's are arrsed completely, which in turn has affected quad/calf muscles and lower back! If you wish to be in pain from 40 onwards, well do it with boots/bergen, otherwise take the good advice of experience and that offered from the threads here. 'UPPER BODY BUILDING TO ENABLE YOU TO CARRY WEIGHT.' Think of it this way, if you have a 7 ton truck and you need to carry 10 ton, you need to get a bigger truck! Protect you knee's by running in comfortable footwear, not boots (only when you have to). Boots really feck up your shins, ankles, calf & quad muscles. The £102 per month from a War Pension does not pay for the pain I am now in.
  13. Be careful about the "running with simulated weapon" concept these days, especially if you're thinking of doing it in battle kit. We had a young fellow over here attract the unwelcome attention of several police cars full of pistol-waving boys in blue after they got a call that there was "a terrorist running around with a rifle". Turns out he was carrying a fence-post driver like this: [​IMG] but painted black. He's lucky he didn't get shot by a nervous policeman.

    He spent the good part of a day in the lockup because he wasn't carrying any ID (do you always carry your wallet when going on a run?), and when they finally got hold of his CO he was collected by same and all serving members were given a stern warning to not be seen tabbing through urban streets in battle kit with anything remotely resembling a weapon.