Running Windows Vista and XP simultaneously

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by REMEbrat, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. I have just bought a Pentuium 1.6 gig dual core processor with a 300 gig hard disc but have realised that many of the games I've got just don't work on Vista.

    I have spoken with someone who knows a bit about computers and he recommended installing Windows XP alongside Vista and operating the two simultaneously, but is it really that simple?

    Will it enable me to run my slighly older games (only from a year or two ago) and will it effect the speed of the computer having two systems running together?
  2. my advice is completely get rid of vista, and put XP on there. you will have more free RAm (vista takes 768mb, xp takes 256-512mb), and its smaller on the HD so you will load up less files to start up.

    you wont have a problem OS wise then.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Scrap Vista is my advice. Thats professional advice from my day job!
  5. Also, if you go the Dual Boot direction, it's somewhat easier to have XP installed first, and then installing Vista on a seperate partition on your hard drive. XP's boot manager works, and you will then have a menu on startup asking if you want to boot XP or Vista for 30 seconds (this is easily changed to 5 seconds or whatever, like I have it).

    XP will be shown as 'Earier version of Windows' and vista as 'Windows Vista'.

    Vista does not have the boot manager, so if Vista is installed first, you will not be able to easily choose between OS's like above. It can still be done though with a longer process.

    Or you could just right click each .exe file for your games, go to properties, and set the compatibility to XP SP2, and run as administrator ;)
  6. If I was honest, given your question and very basic needs, I would say go with a fresh version of XP as well. However...... if you are up to it, and want to get in on what I predict to be one of the hottest technologies of the next few years... "Virtualisation". MSR has hinted at it with the MS VirtualPC offering, however VMWare is now free and is far superior. Today's new machines can easily handle virtual machines, so you can run anything you like. A VM instance of DOS to play your old games, a VM instance of XP, almost anything is possible

    OK, forget my geeky rantings.... install XP :D
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Virtual PC is also free.

  8. Bin Vista.
  9. I wasnt saying it wasnt free, I am saying it's not as good :p
  10. I'd bin vista, install XP and then partition a bit of hard drive (50 gig or so?) and reinstall Vista on there. Who knows, you might need it some time but you can use XP's dual boot and effectively run an XP only machine anyway.
  11. Talking about running VISTA and XP - I am about to buy a new Dell PC which comes preloaded with VISTA but I have got used to XP now and would like to install that instead. Will this be easy to do ? My current desktop (also Dell) is hanging out like a fat bloke on a CFT - will I have to buy XP or can I use the recovery disks from the old desktop to install XP on the new ?

    Any help would be gratefully received.
  12. I also repair PC's for a job, I think if you want to run old games etc and your printer is quite old then there probably wont have vista drivers then as most people have said bin the vistsa and go for XP.