running vs cycling cardio/weightloss

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. right o

    as a boy soldier 17 years old i could drink and smoke to my hearts content then still get up the next morning and do a bpfa with a sub 930 along the years i have added 15-30 seconds to my bpfa per annum along with weight gain, im not a fatty but people have started to call me big lad when needing a hand with lifting stuff and its pissing me off!

    so regeme change, as a bit of a gym dodger and a natural hatred for ptis and fitness freaks i have absolutely no idea what to do

    i have been told that a simple running plan could make a considerable change however i have mega biff feet with orthotics, having pain when standing in a position too long is discomforting but doing a bpfa absolutely wrecks me, the next day my feet are in bits!

    now heres the clincher. i have also been told that cycling is good for weightloss (and easy on the feet) but not as good as running, for every three miles cycled you could have the same effect running one mile or less.

    is this bollocks? would 1hr a day/40 mins/ half an hour cycling have any seeable effects within a set time?

    or should i just cut down on visits to the spar and get some lyposuction with the money saved?

    yours sincerely EWK

    PS my diet is shit and i am a pretty sociable guy so i like a few beers. alternatives could be added to those if you please!

    pps cutting on going out is not an alternative. my job is shit socialising with the lads is the only thing keeping me sane.
  2. Can't answer your question, but if you're looking for an incentive to start running can I suggest these guys:

    Hash House Harriers aka the Drinking Club with the Running Problem. - A bit of a gentle jog then a few well earned beers.
  3. Losing bodyfat permanently requires a lifestyle change and the only way to lose weight is to expend more calories then what you put in! The easiest way is to eat clean and exercise. The hard way is to just to eat clean. Nearly all dieters who diet alone without fitness end up back at their original bodyfat levels, that's why it's important to exercise.

    Running is indeed the best exercise but as you know, it's one of the most destructive! Cycling is fine for weight loss. Start off with 20 mins a day and progress slowly, adding 5 mins a week until you're doing 40 miins a day. This combined with a half decent healthy eating plan will shed the ounds rapidly. If you also weight train you'll look a lot better and muscle alone burns many calories.

    For weight training and dieting look at this site. It can't be bettered:
  4. You could also try swimming. Less stressfull on the joints but burns off as much or more than running (high intensity swimming that is not just swimming happily up and down chatting to the old folk).

    Try to vary what you do, stops you getting bored and stops your body getting used to what you are doing.

    Unfortunately if you eat shite and drink too much you are not going to be helping. Only other way then is to run 10miles per day. Accordingly you can drink and eat what you want... buggers your kness up though.
  5. swimmimg and cycling both great, as is cross training.

    If like me you get bored stupid gerbilling on machines try circuits or boxercise type stuff even boxing training, good CV/strengthening in a short blast + is very sociable as done in a group - new friends to go to the pub with.

    If your feet are already knackered skip the running new knees are it for the lypo!
  6. Cycling doesn't use calories at anything like the rate that running does.

    As I was / am in very much the same situation as you, (including feet) I strongly recommend you avoid all the pitfalls that befell me and that are detailed here on the dull but worthy Ex STAB Rehab thread.

    I'm still suffering with a leg injury from weeks back due to running in shoes that did not provide the support they were supposed to.

    Take a look and you will see how it all went wrong.

    See a sports injury clinic or podiatrist before running if you are at all flat footed and overweight.
  7. So you have to Cycle FURTHER to achieve the same effect. Think time not distance.
  8. Cycling depends a lot on how you cycle. If you want to cycle proficiently then you need distance to get you fit. Idea of proficient cycling is that you keep the cycle rate high (90-100) and keep the heart rate at a good constant, 75% or lower.

    For fitness, up the gears until it gets hard to peddle, drop a little and stick at that. It will increase your cardio and legs, shite for your cycling though.

    You could also try on a bike what you would normally do when running, i.e. fartlek, hill training, sprints etc. Just distance and reps needs to be higher.
  9. Until recently I cycled lot and it did nothing to reduce my weight. I did however have lovely legs. My wife changed my diet from white to brown bread / rice and changed puddings to fruit salads and yoghurt's. this with a homemade exercise routine using no equipment just exercise reps we lost a shed load of weight. All of which my wife has kept off (lucky) Not so lucky me my sedentary lifestyle has caught up with me and I am back to sqaure 1
  10. Absolutely. I'd say longer rather than further but yes you are right. Like I said it doesn't use up calories at the same rate so to burn up the same amount you have spend longer at it. I recall (and you can check my rehab thread) that 15 minutes running worked out the same as an hours cycling or something of that order.

    Must get back on my bike! (still unhappy about the leg) :(
  11. I cycled to work for years, and although I have good legs, I also have quite a lot of ballast. as said, it is really hard to lose weight through cycling.

    I have tried to switch to running, but a poor gait has caused me some issues which I am now trying to fix with the assistance of an osteopath. Going to the gym is certainly helping, even without the running, I have lost half a stone in the last few weeks :) and increased my strength and fitness.

    Basically, do more exercise, keep it varied, have a goal in mind, try to eat healthily and remember this is a lifestyle change, not a short term thing.

  12. Are you going to carry on when it gets better? :?

    You have been an inspiration to some of us. :p

    ..this does not mean we're gonna swap spit in the showers.....
  13. do you think we are going to get this whale in a swimming pool..his self esteem is probably so low he finds it hard 2 appear in public

  14. I do hope so. It's become very frustrating. I don't know whether to rest for months and hope that my leg stops aching or start back on the routine and hope to train my way out of it.

    I think I'm probably too physically fcuked to ever make it back to the required standard but the truth is hard to take. I had been thinking that getting back in TA Inf and doing a tour on Herrick would be the ideal cure for the inevitable mid-life crisis but sadly I don't think that I'll make it.

    I'll press on somehow or other I suppose but no point in aggravating an injury.