Running until you vomit...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by moodymoddy, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Now first up guys (and gals!) - I've never been much of a runner. Fitness wise I haven't thought "I want to be fit"; I just seem to have been fortunate enough to dish out a bit of abuse and lardy food to my body, and have it still look the same! The benefit of youth?!

    Now I've been following the Army Fitness Plan thats on the website and the brochures, and generally - I picked Level 1 as I thought I'd be dead out of shape, but actually I'm finding it really quite a pleasant surprise. I'm in week 3 now.

    Sometimes, I do feel like I need a kick up the ass and someone to yell at me "Don't ******* stop now. You're doing a good job you useless sob, keep it up!". Generally, I can work through that though.

    Today however, I went out for my interval training - 1min run, 1min jog. I kept this up for the required 10 minutes (only did about 1.3miles - as I used the 1min jog times to recover basically - as I was trying to put my all into my 1min runs) and then proceeded to jog 0.8miles back to my house.

    This final jog was pretty exhausting, and for the end of it I picked a spot and tried to sprint the last 100m or so. The whole jog back took around 05:30.

    For the first time though, I had the sensation of wanting to vomit. Even getting on my knees so as to not make a mess. Nothing came up in the end, but my whole torso was "wretching" and tensing as if it was ready to puke.

    This is the first time its happened, and also - I'd say it was quiet a poor performance really. I have however, recently got over a combination of shingles, whilst having Strep A induced Tonsilitis. This was about 3 weeks ago, but I can now feel my glans feeling slightly large on my neck, and my throat feeling "prickly"! So maybe its that?

    On another note - I understand that in the army the act of vomiting after a training session isn't that much of a rarity. How healthy is that? Also - I understand that being part of a squad helps motivate you, but what other tips are there? Im constantly looking for ways of pushing myself that meter more - and largely the blocks seem mental. At the moment I'm clinging on to the vision of passing ADSC and going through to Phase 1! (Allowing my medicals to clear - *fingers cross*)
  2. My dog gets sick after a run,(hehe)

    You are doing well so far sunshine,
  3. Moody:

    Erm..., not to seem a stickler for detail but you might want to check spelling if you describe this to medical folk.

    The things in you neck are "glands". Your "glans" is the bell end on your penis. If you describe your "glans" swelling on your neck they will think you are extremely well endowed, a lying bragger, or have a very unusual deformity.

    Vomiting is not that unusual but be careful to avoid officer's or nco's boots.
  4. Leave the kid alone. maybe his Glans are in his neck through all that retching. Im not suprised they are swollen!
  5. Hey kid, You are doing just fine. Just make sure that you get a good all round work out and not just running and CV. You didnt mention your age. If your body is still developing, then you shouldnt over do it too early. Just give it time. Rome wasnt built in a day and after 37 years i'm still working on my temple.
  6. Lol, I didn't notice that typo - I wish my glans were that high!

    Cheers for the advice - and yeah, I am trying to take my time. I generally focus on my jogging every other day with upper body exercises the days inbetween. Using Saturday as a rest.

    I'm still pretty young, just a few months off 17.
  7. If after phys you do not vommit or feel like vommitting then you are not trying hard enough.
  8. It's ok to feel like that. I am 39 and still feel like vomiting when i get back from a run, that last push into camp is a killer :twisted:

    Although, i do normally feel like puking before and during the run too !!

    I think it is my body's way of saying "give it up fatboy" :D
  9. I did a selection course where the Physical Training Instructors took bets on who would have the first puker in their squad. They ragged us and ragged us until the first one went. After that they chilled out. Of course we didn't know this till afterwards.

    I knew some PTI's who thought having pukers in their squad was a badge of honour.
  10. Wouldnt worry about it, Ive had that feeling since I was in my teens, all the way through my career whenever I pushed myself and still have it now when Im in the hills trying to recoup my youth or in the gym showing off the girlies.

    Some people say its down to your body being accustomed to that amount of pressure and physical activity. The more you take it to that level the less you will want to puke.

    Sounds like your training is fine. Keep at it.
  11. Maybe you should also do some hard physical work for all round fitness, maybe get a job on a building site, are you Polish?

    Seriously though keep going i find that feeling normal, what do you eat before your run, Ginster's or Bananna's, they have different properties.

  12. I chucked over the weekend through training. Its not a sign of weakness its a sign of Physical Punishment. Weakness is not carrying on running afterwards!
  13. I generally vomit everytime I think of going for a run
  14. I can't remember where I heard it or how true it is, but I was told always training at that kind of intensity were you want to puke is bad for you and halts progression (or atleast slows it). Apparently for optimum progression train around the 75-80% max HR area? I don't know, I heard it on some random forum a good while ago. I've tried abiding to this while on runs, but I can't help it I always end up pushing myself, particularly if I'm timing myself.

    Any thoughts on this?