Running twice a day?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fats, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. I usually do a 3 mile run in the morning, sometimes mix it up with a 5/6 mile run, and do weights in the evening after work. On the days I am not doing weights I was thinking of doing another run in the evening. Do you guys think this is a good idea or will it lead to some kind of burnout / decrease in performance?
  2. sounds like you're doing enough to me.
    I do a run in the morning(3 Mile) then bike to work and home again(10Mile in total) and by the end of the week my legs are fucked.
  3. I used to run twice a day and i got problems with my ITB. Changed my trainers and reduced my training and problems disappeared. Remember your body needs rest days to repair.
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  4. Id suggest a different second activity like swimming for example otherwise injury will become inevitable in the long term.
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  5. As long as you rest properly - at least 2 full days of rest. I would suggest that you work up to it, and you look at varying the types of running you are doing. If in doubt, buy this book:

    and do exactly what he tells you.
  6. Suggest that you read Born to Run. The suggestion is that if you run right you can pretty much as much as you like, if you adopt the right running form and abandon the expensive trainers.
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  7. It's all relative to your endurance output and the intensity of the runs. Performing 2 x 6 mile fartlek sessions a day will eventually burn you out. Performing a 6 mile fartlek session in the morning followed by a 3 mile recovery run in the evening is not impossible. Better of conducting some form of cross training though as has been said.
  8. If you feel like you want to do more try swimming rather than running agian.
  9. Depends on a few things really.

    What kind of running are you doing?
    What do you do for a job?
    How much fuel (food) are you consuming during the day?

    Recently whilst on 2 weeks leave I trained twice one day, once the other for 6 days then had the 7th day off. Yes I noticed an improvement in my output (knocked 4 minutes off my 2 miler time) but I don't think I could've done this constantly as I do a physical job. I believe rest is important as your body needs time to heal. But if you feel you're up to it why not give it a try for a few weeks. I'd stop straight away if you felt an injury developing though.
  10. Have you considered buying a car?
  11. Not saying what I do is right, but I do three weights sessions a week after work (mon, tues, wed), I do every muscle group with one set to failure, and after that I either run a couple of miles or walk my dogs for 4 or 5. Thursday to Sunday are rest days which gives the body a good 4 days recovery time (still go walking the dogs and doing every day physical stuff, just no weights), then back to it. After about 10 weeks I take a weeks rest from all of it. I'm in really good shape and my fitness levels are good so it works for me and so far I haven't picked up any injuries or felt burned out.
  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    You're not much good at running, it took you 9 months to catch up! :)
  13. I did it for a few weeks before a course I did a couple of years back (run to work, work, run to the pool, swim, run home).

    From my experience I can say two things;

    1. It seemed to be a very quick way of improving my times (I knocked a good minute off my four mile time in the space of a week).

    2. It's fantastic if you suffer from insomnia. I could sleep at the drop the drop of a hat, anywhere and at any time of day.

    I'd recommend a second pair of trainers as well, as they (or the cushioning in them) need to recover after a run too. I can't comment on the long term effects though, but I can imagine it being hard on the joints in the long run.
  14. Try it and see.
    It may work for you.

    When I was in my late 30's & early 40's I tried upping my running and often did a couple of runs a day, but would rather do a run,gym & swim a day as it took longer to recover.

    The extra runs staved off my slowing down in my old age for a few years.

    If you do increase your running 2 to 3 days rest every now and again works wonders.
  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I ran twice a day for over 10 years, about half an hour steady before work and then something more serious in the afternoon or evening. Occasionally, I ran 3 times a day.

    It all depends what you're aiming to achieve.