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Running Tough Guy 2009 for Teenage Cancer Research

Dear All,

This year I will be running the Tough Guy 2009 event: www.toughguy.co.uk Watch the video for more information

I am running the event for The Laura Crane Trust, a young, award-winning charity, is the only UK charity funding research specifically into cancers affecting the 15-25 age group, where cancer is less common than in other age groups, but where it often strikes in dangerous and complex forms.Laura's trust also funds measures to improve the quality of life for these young cancer patients, during their frequent and often debilitating stays in hospital.

Please Join my Facebook group and leave all your much needed messages of support: http://www.facebook.com/groups/edit.php?members=&gid=49110050985#/group.php?gid=49110050985

Or if you feel like you would like to sponsor me you can do so here:


Thank you all once again



Book Reviewer
Glad to help - but you'll find a lot of help comes from non-fellas! Eg Gill Watson (not me!), who posts on Sleepmonsters, has done several Tough Guys and won SAS Are You Tough Enough? Jungle series.

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