Running to the gym ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by deano1986, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Ive just started running to they gym i go to and its 5.8 miles there, will this help my fitness ?
  2. No, only Ginsters and Carling Special Brew will help you now.

    Of course it fecking will help, its running. Provided you put the effort in of course :roll:
  3. smells like overtraining
  4. Working off the assumption that he's doing anything at the Gym, he might just run there, look at it, then get on the Bus back.
  5. I used to run under 3 miles there and sometimes a bit further back. It's an experience if you do legs at the gym. The big problem is being sweaty as hell and coming out for the trip back.
  6. I dont think you can overtrain in running lol as long as you take in the right supplements, when i get there i go workout and then run back.
  7. If you're fit enough to handle 11.5 miles run and a good circuit at the Gym crack on, If not you'll know about it when you're reduced to a gibbering shadow of your former self due to overtraining.
  8. I did it today - A cheeky slow run back to warm down.
  9. Oh right i see where your coming from mate, i dont go on the track i just use the weights. i would be absolutely f**ked trying to run home lol
  10. 5.8 miles is a good run, but doing it to the gym and back means you're doing 11.6 miles everyday (if you attend the gym everyday). I run to mine which is about 3 miles and run back, go to the gym every other day, and ride a bike to the swimming pool in between!
  11. i only go to the gym monday to thursday and then i have 3 days off.
  12. Buy some decent shoes or find a cross-country route then, otherwise you'll find out what shin splints are.
  13. You can overtrain with running, unfortunately. Not giving your body time to recover can lead to exacerbating old injuries and giving yourself new ones.


    These guys explain it much better than I can, a good read :)


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  14. Do you mostly get shin splints when you run on the road then ?
  15. One of the causes of shinsplints can be overstriding, and suffering from the impact, especially if you're not used to running much, or you up the level you do. Also, poor running technique. People do say that running on road transfers more of the impact up your leg, as opposed to running on grass, which is a little bit softer. Up to you to decide which is best for you.