running to get fit

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rp_uk_08, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. when is the best time to go for a run and what training method is best to use
  2. one leg in front of the other but the trick is to do it fast
  3. i was always told that u shouldnt run anyfaster than a speed were u can comfortabley hold a convo with who ever you are running with!
    if u want to train for your mile and 1.5 do 3 miles 2 or 3 times a week and ul be fit in no time! as u get fiter you can cover the 3 miles quicker and quicker!
    time urself over 3 miles half it and if its under ur entry time or near it u will pass selection no probs at all!
    as for time of the day! dunno i like 4 in the morning cos the air is nice and cold! but depends on if u can be assed getting up at that time do it wen u can!
    hope that helps
    rember tho running aint everything! do press ups chin ups and sit up! the army dont just use there legs!
  4. running aint everything? tell that to a PTI when you do a 2.4km
  5. Are you fat, by any chance?
  6. yeah dont run too much i agree. im loosing too much fukcing weight because i run too much, and im trying so hard to build my body mass doing weights. although some others would differ their opinions.
  7. eat tuna
  8. When? A time that suits you. Method? Two key things to remember: Consistency and progression. Build up to possibly a little every day as opposed to a lot sparodically. Use the ARRSE search it's be covered endlessly. Good luck.
  9. I have found that the best time to go is when you least feel like it. I don't know why but i seem to perform alot better, than when im full of energy and feeling good, plus it feels better when you finish it because you no longer feel like sh1t.
  10. Only you know when the best time to go for a run is. Myself I prefer to run in the mornings because my park is emptiest then and also the the running is done and the rest of the day is yours to enjoy.

    There are many different training methods out there, look around on this site as they will have almost definetly have been done before. Don't forget to get yourself a decent pair of running shoes!
  11. hahaha v funny! no iam not! i did sports coaching at college so i no a bit about this stuff! i also do alot of running at a high level!
    to build stamina you are beter not to be puffing away honest!
    thats why wen u see people jogging u never see the puffing away like there guna die do u?
    if u want to build up ur muscular endurance then run fast for a bit eg 1min the slow it down to a realy light jog and recover a bit for a min or 2 keep doing this and you will get fit alot quicker than running as fast as u can for 10 mins!
    il prob have everyone disagree with this but owell i gave u my advice!
    aslong as ur out running ull get fit!
  12. I find running is best at 8:27AM on the second Wednesday of each month. Ensure you drink 1 pint of water 25 minutes before you run followed by consuming a tangerine directly before you begin for optimum performance.

    Seriously though, there is no secret method or best time to run. Don't get yourself into a routine, just change when you run every week, keep your body guessing. Train early in the morning, train in the rain, train in the sun, train all the time! And to train for a mile and half, just run a mile and a half. Time yourself, and aim to beat your time by 5-10 seconds every week, or whatever is a suitable target for you.

    And whoever said don't push yourself any further than talking pace, wow I hope you were have a larf. I'm sure your PTI won't mind having a nice chat with you in training while you are doing your runs. If you train like that in your comfort zone all the time, when it comes to pushing past your comfort zone in training, your body and mind will be in for a shock! I'm sure that method may help in sport training, but when it comes to the military just dig deep and go balls out all the time.
  13. Bollocks. To train for a mile and a half, vary your training. Try some distance work to increase your endurance and some fartlek to improve your speed.
  14. 3 difrent opinions all kinda right in some ways! but all kinda difrent takes on the same kinda idea! there aint no magic trick to getting fit quick aprt from get out there and run as much as u can!ul find what works for u!
    think we all agree on that!
    now run forest run! hahaha nah gd luck
  15. I'm not denying running longer distance will help your 1.5 mile run. And I'd most definitely encourage varied distances of running for your training. After all, after your selection it won't be often you'll be running 1.5 mile distances at all.

    But when purely training to increase your time for 1.5 mile, just run 1.5 mile!

    Just ensure your training schedule has a mix of distances, and throw in a couple of mile and half's in there every week. This way you'll get the best of all methods.