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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by chartaz86, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. any of you got any tips that you found helped you when you first got into running , ive been trying the stomach breathing ,hard to grasp at first ,but heard its effective
  2. Watch ya knees!

    Many threads here, seems running's quite popular, can't think why as it hurts your nipples and makes you sweat.

    Make sure your trainers are well broken in, well fitted and proper runners and not fashion trainers. Stay well hydrated, build up gradually and try and avoid running on hard surfaces like roads.
  3. breathe in through the nose out through the mouth

    helps for me
  4. Keep up the quest Morty mate!!!

    I'd just say exactly what Morty said especially the bits about trainers and roads but I found that if I focus on keeping big strides it helps keep my pace up so that might be worth a try.
  5. Buy a Heart Rate Moniter, learn to use it properly and you will be surprised at the results.

    Dont over train!

  6. cut down on drinking and eat properly
  7. thanks for them tips, appreciate your comments ,thanks again
  8. Remember to always warm up/down and stretch off prior and after going for a run. Lots of fluids prior to the run (At least two hours before) and after. Dont run on an empty stomach either, but again give it couple of hours before a. And finally, go for a sh*t before you go, many a run has been spoilt because the person needs a dump!
  9. haha thanks man
  10. second the dump thing!

    I'm not a natural runner but starting to enjoy it, particularly when you get back afterwards for a hot bath (I take baths to give my muscles and joints a rest - I'm a bit of a clomper so they tend to ache. )

    my £30 cross trainers are wicked so much better to run in than my much more expensive air force one's
  11. Hate to break it to you Mr Alphabet but the X trainers may not be suitable for running

    And what stomach breathing ? I've been running for years now and nver heard of it
  12. Put one foot in front other. Repeat process; build up speed until your lungs are bursting.

    Hope that helps.

    Seriously, just plug at it. I went from a fatty about 2 years ago who couldn't run the length of myself to something resembling a reasonably fit person through perseverence (I still have moobs tho - a gift for life).

    Starting out: Set yourself an aim i.e. I will run for x minutes tonight. Always wear a stopwatch; timing will help you enormously as you will find that when you start, 20 minutes solid running might not be achievable, but you will be able to break through this with determination. Aim to run 3-4 times a week at a pace you find comfortable, and make sure to raise your goals when you feel you aren't being pushed hard enough. If you can, find a training partner with a similar ability to help push yourself.

    Trainers; I'll echo what Morty has said. Get yourself a decent pair i.e. Asics, Mizuno, Brooks etc. Avoid fashion brands. Mainstream sport stores should have specialised running sections, but better still, get to a good running store and get your running style checked out; they will be able to advise you which trainers to go for. Make sure you get a few pairs of good running socks too.

    Breathing; I don't know about techniques, but I found that if I breathed through my nose every few breathes, it would stabilise my breathing and would help avoid getting stitches. Everyone has different techniques tho.

    If you check out, they have a very good guide to building up your running (sift through the crap first), and it does take ability into account. I found it useful when I first decided to do something about my fitness.
  13. Haha - Moobs! Never heard that before.

    Re. running, a lot of people advocate using cod liver oil (either capsules or as is, yuck!) and Glucosamine Sulphate. They're both suppliments for your joints and have varied results on people. Ultimately though, they don't cost much and unless you're alergic to them, they can't do much harm.
    I get mine from Morrisons, but you can pick them up pretty much anywere.

    Oh, and a Mp3's useful too!
  14. Glucosamine is very good. I mangled my knee running to work with a backpack on (tip - NEVER run with weight; tabbing is the most rapid thing you should do when carrying weight) and it helped sort out the grinding. It takes a month or 2 to take effect tho.

    I dunno about the mp3, I found it threw my breathing out when running with one on. Again, everyone is different.

    PTP - they're the very fellas I was referring to.