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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by piratesteve, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. I am hoping to join the royal engineers and have just done my barb test, i was wondering whats the worst mile and 1/2 running time people have passed the selection is?
    i can do everything else good i am just not very good at running

  2. under 14 mins for non-infantry

    doing my basic with TA atm and my Risk Reduction Run was 13:41 mins, 6 weekends later it is now 12:44, nowhere near good, but its a pass and i know it will gradually go down over time.
  3. And there was me thinking that the 9 mins 45 I did on my last PFT was slow!! Oh well, I am a mere 40 years old though, must be old age catching up... :D
  4. haha not everyone are runners tho....since i joined the TA, it is first time i have run since PT at school (it was 10 years ago i left) for me it is big achievement and it is something i can keep working on to improve my time :D
  5. sloth
  6. The run is best effort so do the best you can and youll find out soon enough if you did well enough. From what I understand there is no set in stone time, some people on the site claimed that anything over 12mins is a fail but know a few people from my selection who passed with nearly 13mins but could of been because of how well they did on other tasks/tests. I wouldnt even go to selection unless you can run the 1.5mile in under 11mins, remember on the day ull be tired, it will be early and you have a 0.5mile jog to warm up.
  7. ... And you've eaten breakfast by the time you do the run. Not fun. Don't eat lots!
  8. Trouble is though, I am not a 'runner' either. I loathe running, I would rather play sport which is how I maintain my fitness. Perhaps you should look at doing more than just running...just some friendly advice :)
  9. Iv always found if I turn the run into a little competion in my mind I can run just fine, normal training im trying to beat my time every 2weeks then selection I try and beat everyone else there, just have to find the right motivation for you.
  10. Whatever you do, don't just run on a treadmill at the gym!

    I was quite happily getting towards ten minutes (not bad for a knocking-on forty year old fat knacker) when I joined the Rockapes.

    It was easier to pace myself and I quite liked leering at all the half-naked young ladies at the gym.

    However, first time I went on the road I was absolutely fcuked after less than a mile and took just under 14 minutes to complete the distance!

    Second point, don't just train over a mile and a half. Vary the distances and courses. Mix straight PFT's in, but aim to be running for 30 mins plus on a regular basis. As your fitness increases you'll be running faster and so further.

    Thirdly, throw in some hills (not mountains!) and vary the terrain. Two reasons really: you probably don't know the course you'll be tested on and road running alone will quickly become boring and is inviting joint impact injury. Similarly, vary the time of day you run.

    Fourthly, the test starts with a half mile 'warm-up' and there may be movement as a unit back to the start point or camp. Don't train to run a mile and a half in such and such a time and forget the rest. You wont fail, but your time may disappoint you.

    Finally, the most important thing to remember is that the test is a measure of fitness. You should be training to increase overall fitness and NOT just to pass the test. PFT runs should definitely form part of your regime, but not be the only thing you do.

    This is from recent experience; I hate running but I can't play armies if I don't crack on with it.

    Search for the previous threads, years of experience at your fingertips.
  11. actually i already do...i cycle 7 mile per day to work and back
  12. I did my run at selection in over 13min. they let me pass cause i had apparently done well in all other areas for my trade in the RE. now im at the point of running it in 9.32 at peak. its best to conserve energy until the last stretch of the 1.5mile.
  13. thanks for all the info guys

    went out earlier and got a time of 13.40

    just got my medical form filled in, how long will it take till i get to selection
  14. Did mine in 9:01 well chuffed :D