Running times for 1.5 miles

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by steve71, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Hiya, I am 40 and am trying to find out the run time allowed for that age group in the TA army selection process? I have heard different answers from people 12minutes, 14 minutes, 15 minutes? Can anyone help?

  2. Hey Steve,

    I'm in a similar boat being 39. As I understand it, you'll do a 'Risk Reduction Run' at the TA selection centre, which everyone needs to do in under 14.00 minutes.

    The standards for the fitness test after that for a 40-44 year old man is 12.00 minutes.

    Of course, I'll defer to more experienced members of the forum.

  3. So at selection you have to do it in under 14 minutes. When do you have to run it in 12?
  4. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    You can still join at that age?
  5. I think the 12,00 minutes for 40-44 year-old males applies for subsequent Personal Fitness Assessments (1.5 mile run / maximum press-ups and sit-ups in 2 minutes).

  6. When a trained soldier is tested the pass mark for 40-44 year old male is indeed 12.00. Im not familiar with the recruit assessments but i do understand there is an initial lower entry requirement for recruits.
  7. You will have a bit longer to do it but you may find yourself in front and maybe overtaking those half your age or younger! And chances are you'll get your run time lower as you progress. Have a few practice runs and you'll get an idea.
  8. Selection run times will vary on trade, I'm not sure if age at selection will have any bearing on what you need to achieve.

    Here are a couple of run times required:

    Level Time Arm/Service CEG
    1 09.40 Infantry PARA SE
    2 10.00 Infantry PARA JE
    3 10.30 Infantry PARA TA
    4 12.45 Infantry All Infantry
    5 13.15 Combat Sp RE/RA/RAC/R SIGS/RLC (Pioneer)
    6 14.00 CCSS RLC/AAC/ AAC/REME//AGC/AMS/Int/CA Mus
    7 14.30 All JE All JE less PARA
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    That list is not entirely accurate. The Royal Signals are actually at Level 6 run time of 14 mins.

    The current ADSC criteria can be found on this pdf:

    Run Levels

    Level Time Arm/Service CEG
    1 09.40 Infantry PARA SE
    2 10.00 Infantry PARA JE
    3 10.30 Infantry PARA TA
    4 12.45 Infantry All Infantry
    5 13.15 Combat Sp RE/RA/RAC/HCR /RLC (Pioneer)
    7 14.30 All JE All JE less PARA
  10. As a slight aside, I've been running a consistent 09.30 over the last few weeks but it's been inside the gym on a treadmill. Now that the weather's warmed up a bit I've started running outside again - what a shock!

    Not having the treadmill belt working for you, inclement weather, more inclines etc. I put nearly a minute on my run time when I'm outside!! Now coming in at 10.23.

  11. Interesting - I might have to come inside and have a go - I'm doing it in 11.39 at the moment outside - reckon I can get 8:30 inside then?
  12. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Change your treadmill (if possible) to a minimum of 2 degrees of incline and Jog on ;-)
    This should give you an equivalent flat road run. This still doesn't give you wind and hills but more of an indication.

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  13. Good call Wedge! I've sacked the indoor running now and am just running outside. Amazing what you can think about on a run without the gym music smashing into your brain.
  14. stuff the treadmill! my brother in law used to boast "i've done 3 miles in 20 mins down the gym!". i said to him "come with me." he couldnt do it on the road... stuff the gym for running.
  15. I'm 17 years old, joining the TA, hopefully RAMC as a CMT.
    I've never been the fittest when it comes to distance running, more of just speed and agility.
    I'm running the 1.5 miler at 11.30, I know it says 14:00 minute on the fitness standards for RAMC, so will I be fine on RSW coming in at 11.30 or should I be getting significantly lower? Thanks.