running:time or distance?

right my selection process is well underway and i am looking for some tips on running. its just that my time is 11.40 which is absolutely piss. which of these is best for getting your running level up, running for a certain period of time with no specific distance in mind but at a comfortable pace or to run the 1.5miles as fast as you can.
Work on time.

It's counter intuitive but you do not train for a distance by running that specific distance. You should do a mixture of sessions: long steady runs and shorter, repeated intervals. This will encourage greater speed and endurance.
Try doing some fartlek training. This consists of sprinting for a certain distance and then jogging to recover. You can do it between a street with lamposts at regular intervals ie, sprint a lamp post jog a lamp post and so on. Or if you have access to a running track that is ideal for it. I guarentee your time will come down after doing it for a few weeks.
You need to set yourself out a roughly 2mile course and run it non-stop at a steady pace, don't bother timing yourself at this stage as its irrelevant. What you are trying to do is increase your cardio-vascular function and capacity. After a week of the two miler it will become a piece of pi*s (trust me it will!) Now run your 1.5mile course and run it hard. You will notice that you dont' feel like giving up half way round and that your heart and lungs are able to take the strain. This in itself will increase your confidence in your ability to do the run. Depending on how long you have left before ADSC, alternate between longer runs at a steady pace and the shorter 1.5mile run at a fairly fast pace. Aim to try and beat your times on the 1.5 miler until you can run it fairly comfortably in between 10 mins and 10mins 40. I have no idea what Regiment or Corps you are aiming for but for the sake of your own personal pride you do not want to be coming in at over 11mins. The minimum time for Infantry recruits officially is 12:45, if you come in anywhere near that time then expect some serious questions to be asked about your commitment to an army career. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

Cheers Easy!
Use the booklets your AFCO gave you, they are the sh1t. Lunges will build up your legs tranfering the strain. I always try and hyperventilate before starting to stretch out my lungs and get plenty of O2 in the system. Also, just think, its only 1.5 MILES!
id go for both 'cos in the first 4 weeks you do one timed mile and a half, and the rest will be 3, 4, 5 etc. mile runs, and you cant stop, its just not allowed. lol.

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