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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SgtSlaughter, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. I have been doing quite a bit of weighted tabs recently. I normally wear cycle shorts to try prevent chaffage on my chicken thighs! But have been advised to wear running tights as they also help with muscle recovery.

    I've had a look about but loads out there with no real guidance from Nike to more mile to Skinz.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. R4R


    I've only tried 2XU compression tights but did a fair bit of reseach before buying. I have a pair (wife has just stuck them on ebay) which I've worn for a number of ultra-marathons over the past couple of months. Last one was a 50 miler and legs felt pretty good the day after. I've also got a pair of 2XU calf guards which I swear by and intend to keep.
  3. You can stop the tights running with a little bit of nail varnish.
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  4. Keep up dear heart, people are discussing these:

    Not the sort of tights ladies wear everyday.
  5. I have a pair of the 2XU tights, they are good and even in the summer when I run in shorts I wear the calf guards for races. The tights, as mentioned above, are also good for recovery. I tend not to train in them too much unless I am off doing something really strenuous but ideal if you are out on a long training session or recovering from a particularly tough one.
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    I find Karrimor to be good. Most of my running gear is Karrimor with the odd nike thrown in for good meassure. Obviously Karrimor are not as good as the expensive stuff from the likes of Adidas/Nike etc, but they are a good second pair. They helped me recover from the London Marathon OK and I wore them when running the GRIM. You can pick up a pair from as little as £9, but I think I paid about £15 for mine, as they are slightly tighter and help recovery a little better.
  7. Which Ultras did you do mate? Me and Sneak are doing the Lakeland 50 and 100 in the next few weeks....he's doing the 100 as I'm too old for that one!
  8. RUNNING TIGHTS.happy with that if its cheaper than running a car.