Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CLOONEY, Dec 24, 2003.

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  1. It may be the festive season but how many others are sick of "running the gauntlet" down at the NAAFI with the "Oily Ticks" and there foul mouthed offspring. Just returned having only required a bottle of Gin, frustrated, annoyed and determined to get standards applied in public places. Why is it some individuals have no standards and are clearly intent on disrupting life for others. We have the Officers Mess, we have the Sgt's Mess, we have segregated housing - I think it's about time we were afforded some privilages down at the NAAFI according to our rank as well !! I for one would be happy to support previous suggestions to have a Offrs/SNCO's check out to keep us all apart or even dedicated opening times according to rank. Any useful suggestions welcome it's time we sorted our communities out once and for all so that we we do not have to be subject to the "Ron Hill" brigade and their SUN reading partners and little brats.
  2. Here, here.
  3. Good God man, have Fortnums lost your delivery address? Does your Gentlemans' Personal Gentleman not carry out your shopping duties?? And while we are at it, when will flogging and the birch come back?

    Send the brats up the chimneys, is what I say. And any that are left can be used as a combined field expedient mine detector and clearance device. Humbug!!

    Twatt. :roll:
  4. I would be most surprised if you were able to find anything but 'cooking' gin at the NAAFI. Quite how one can make a decent martini without Plymouth Gin (or Bombay Sapphire at the least), is beyond me. Most of NAAFI's stock seems to consist of gaseous lager of indeterminate origin, pot noodles, frozen pizza and burgers made from mechanically recovered meat.

    I got a very odd look from the creature behind the counter when I asked where one might find the Patum Peperium and smoked oysters.

    Many of the shoppers appeared, from their shirts, to belong to a large family called 'Beckham'.
  5. Pot noodles, frozen pizza and burgers? Can't say as I've had the pleasure old Boy.

    Is that what the common people eat?
  6. VB - laughed I nearly wet myself excellent reply. It is time to get these "Pond Life" sorted once and for all and this is a good enough means of addressing our displeasure regarding their existance. As for the NAAFI staff I once asked politely for some "cumin" and I sensed she missed understood me as she handed me some kleenex - I think she thought I was cumin. :?
  7. You go shopping at the spar? how disgraceful!! :D
  8. If that damned socialist Thatcher hadn't got rid of the coalmines we could have sent some of the snotty nosed brats there too.
  9. Having been a pad brat, I can tell you, the officers kids and senior ranks were a bunch of snotty little cnuts and worse than junior ranks kids. Junior ranks kids were kept in line in case they got their dads in shyte.

    You're talking through your fcking arrse rodney
  10. Amen to that mate.

    Am a Pads Brat too and confirm that the Oaficers brats, with some notable exceptions, I knew, were snotty little swineherds who weren't averse to "wearing" their parents rank when it suited them.

    Most of the kids who weren't tended to be kids of LE Officers.

    Bielefeld seemed to be singularly bad for it, with the multitude of Staff Muppets, ejected from their parent units, to what was HQ 1 (BR) Corps.
  11. By the way, C. Looney; is your PVR rate higher than expected? Ever wondered why?

    Serve to lead, eh?
  12. Should throw another line in Clooney, this ponds got fish that bite!
  13. anyone remember " slipping standards in the regulars"????

    you'll have a long way to go to beat Fatty old Chum.

    Obviously haven,t got your Fiona in line, to run out of Gin at this time of year!!!