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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jamie_Mayer, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I know im going to get alot of stick for this but here goes... I am hoping to join the army soon (Royal Engineers) my fitness seems to be getting alot better and i am definitely getting alot stronger and i feel alot fitter but I'm having a bit of trouble with the running side of my preparation for ADSC I can barely finish the 1.5 Mile run in under 14:30 mins and I cant even imagine myself running any further than that! I would like to get a few long distance runs in as well but i cant see myself being able to do them as the 1.5 mile takes it out of me enough as it is, the only thing i can put it down to is that i must be practicing an incorrect technique. Does anyone have any tips on anything that may help eg, pace, breathing etc. to bring my dismal time down to a more respectable one and also maybe help my endurance so that i can run for longer without getting knackerd! ha ha thanks.
  2. Get yourself a heart rate monitor, used properly it will help no end. Worked for me anyway.
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  4. try interval training, jog abit, run abit, sprint, repeat.
  5. You should have a good base of running fitness before embarking on intervals.
  6. I'm a right one to talk but...

    Run with somebody else of similar fitness and with a similar goal. It's too easy to give up when you're on your own.

    One and a half miles is not fitness, but determination. Up to age 39, when the BFT (3 miles) was phased out of TA bounty requirements in favour of the CFT, I was doing the first half in 10.5 minutes and the second half in 12 minutes. The sum total of my training for it was 12 months of worrying about the next one. During the run, the first half was a determination to be in the leading pack, during the second half, it was a determination to be faster than everyone older than me who was not already in front.

    Solo running is bl00dy hard work.
  7. Find the biggest nastiest looking cnut you can then chuck a brick through his front room window.

    Repeat until you can run like the wind
  8. I couldnt run 1.5 without stopping when I started training for RSC. I just jogged it every day (less weekends) untill I could do it without stopping then worried about my time.
  9. Fartlek is great way to get your fitness level up. If you have time before you go ADSC try
  10. Hes right, doing intervals and speedwork without a good base fitness is asking to be injured. You should of been running for at least 2 months before introducing speedwork.
  11. haha brilliant! i might have to try that one

    i think my dad was saying somthing about that fartlek ill have to ring him up and ask him about it. Cheers gents.
  12. Fartlek is a type of speedwork, sprinting to the next lampost or bin etc. I suggest you introdue Fartlek AFTER building your base fitness up or else like I said before your asking for an Injury. Too much too soon causes injury. I was unfortunate enough to injure my shin when running 30+ miles a week. That reminds me, isn't there a special way of running to reduce the stress on your shins?
  13. Don't beat yourself up too hard, but be aware that you need to improve. When I first started training I couldn't even run 1.5 miles without stopping nevermind make BFT time.

    Running fitness takes ages to develop and requires dedication and self control above all else. Make sure you stick to your plan but also listen to your body and dont get injured as this is the worst thing you can do.. will set you back months and months or even years.

    Start running 3 miles each time until your times start coming down, then ive the 1.5 miler a try. You will no doubt see an improvement and it will feel much easier mentally as you are used to running double the distance.

  14. How about running on grass or a running track would that place less stress on your shins? I used to get sore shins but since taking up mountain biking that is no longer the case, perhaps you should do some cross training? I find doing abit of swimming and biking aswell as running keeps your cardiovascular fitness up and eliminates joint/muscle pain.