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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by delinquent, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I'm improving on my running distances and am getting back to the 3 mile mark with regular ease though I think i'm running a little too slow. What speed should I be looking at, pref. in MPH

    Thanks in advance
  2. Anything over 8 mph should do.
  3. If you use a motorcar you can achieve a reasonable speed close to 60+ mph, which should mean you do 3 miles in around 10 minutes. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  4. Do you not mean 3 minutes? 60mph- 1 minute mile
  5. The answer is simple... The faster the better!
  6. Jog- 10 mins / mile
    Slow Run- 8 mins / mile
    Fast Run- 6 mins / mile

    So, between 6 and 10mph.
  7. Good speed for your better than average runner is to clock a 6 minute mile, this speed is used as the benchmark for many races, i.e 36 min 10K; 60 min 10 miler etc. Takes a bit of doing though and will need a fair bit of practice and variation in your training. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for all the responses so far! I'm still at what shaytan calls a jog and from pretty much what every one has said I'll look at getting my arsse into gear and running faster...

    Would people say just keep incrementing the speed or to do more "fartlek" type training? Would emulating a bleep test help with this?

    Thanks in advance
  9. You need to increase distance and speed mate, try getting out 3-4 times per week and gradually increase your distance but not too much too soon, on one of the runs you need to be doing what is called interval/tempo training, bit like fartlek but harder. Just jog out for a mile or so then try and do 5 minutes as hard as you can then jog to recovery and try to do it again, depending on the level you're out you can adjust the time you run hard, it'll help if you've got a Heart Rate Monitor but it depends on how serious you want to get about it, I'm speaking from a personal point of view but I've been running competitively for about 25 years and it works for me.
  10. run at 70 - 80% of your max heart rate...
    This will aide your fitness, yes "Fartlek" aides running speed, but I would concentrate on the actual running bit first...

    Basic method used to get you max heart rate is 220 minus your age...But remember this won't be spot on, but its easy!

  11. Work on distance rather than speed, though do throw in say one fartlek session a week. Try not to do to much speed work as it it very intense on your body and if you overdo it you will get injuries (like I did to my cartlidges)
  12. Okay, cheers for all the advice fellas :)

    Will be out hitting the street tonight so I'll add a mile or so on it!
  13. If you live near fields, run along them, or if their is grass along any back roads you use, jump on the grass for a bit, my routes are mainly road but I get atleast a bit of time on "softer ground" - its good to work the balance of your feet and eases stress off your joints atleast a little bit. Also depending on the ground it could be harder to do - Train Hard Fight Easy :) (or run easy... )
  14. To be honest geezer I think you are better concentrating on time as opposed to distance. I would just go for a 30-40 minute run; that way the fitter you get the further you will run. If you say "I'll run for 3-4-5 miles," as you get fitter your runs will become shorter and you'll not be training as efficiently as if you say "I'll run for 30-40 minutes,” In those 30-40 minutes you can mix it up, do fatrlex, target heart rate zones and sprints etc. I believe that is a much better workout, but that's just my opinion.

    Who are you joining mate?
  15. I'm planning on joining 4 Para so, I know I have to not only increase my speed and distances. I've given myself a year to get the fitness levels up to a standard that will make life easier and to lose the excess bulk. I know these two will go hand in hand, I just have to stop dodging salad and exercise :)

    Thing is I'm an ex reg that was medically discharged from the RMP and although I've been given the all clear and nod from my civvy doc, I know I need to be in the prime of fitness and muscle build etc and one of the best on the day if I even want to get a look in.

    I know they'll send me to selection and I don't want to be in the middle, I want to be there at the front and showing that my previous injury and age (32) isn't an issue. From what I have read from the hreads elsewhere it seems this is why they do the selection weekends. I just don't want to be binned for lack of preparation.