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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by yater_spoon, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. I usaully use trainer liner type socks but I seem to develop blisters on the arch of my feet. Can anyone advise a good type/brand of sock to use which will provide sufficient protection and not overheat my feet too much.
    Issue socks do not count :D
  2. I replied to you about this on a previous trainer thread as I was getting the same thing.

    I went a 1/2 size up in trainers & binned those shite coolmax / 1000 mile socks & went for a thicker cushioned pair. JJB isn't the best for trainers, but it does these cracking 'run365' socks which are really good and pretty reasonable priced too (£5 for 2 pairs). I haven't blistered wearing them & I'm doing some reasonable distance at the minute.
  3. esel
    you did indeed I don't normally shop in JJB but when the trainers you want are £20 quid cheaper then whos to argue. I'll give the socks ago.
  4. I have a couple of pairs of X-Socks for running (as well as some for skiing) and they are gleaming. A bit expensive but worth every penny.
  5. Thor-lo's are the dogs danglies.
    Also, if its your arches that are suffering, your insoles are wrong for your feet. Change insoles or maybe even the whole shoe.
  6. Agreed - the nice Asics I was after in Up & Running at £80 were £50 in the JJB sale in April!! I'm due to replace them (sole's starting to go) so here's hoping for another bargain.
  7. Seconded, Thor-Lo's are the nuts, if you anyone who is serving in JHQ or is visiting there, they sell them in the PX and there cheap as chips.
  8. Twin Skins, not too expensive and never ever had blisters wearing them. They are hardwearing and can take a bit of a beasing. :D
  9. Falke socks provide a broad spectrum of running/hiking and walking socks - i have 4 pairs and they are excellent and expensive!
  10. white issue winter socks - grand stuff - got issued them for Telic :?
  11. Good kit and not bad for all forms of phizz..although they tend to make your feet sweat on CFT ect.
  12. I didn't like the Twin Skins socks, I blistered on the arches when I ran with them.
  13. I trained for my last marathon in x-sox or thorlo's , no blisters never no siree. If you are getting blisters on the arch though I would be re-thinking my shoe type !