Running slow....


I'm on a 3meg connection but for some unknown reason things seem to be running really slow for me on here today,.... is it a site issue, or am I the only one this is happening to? :(

ps: I seem to be accessing other sites without any problems whatsoever.
I'm running 2.2 megs and it's slow.
Its working for me!!!

Nothing else is though......
brain_fart said:
i'm on 1 meg and it's running fine 8)
maybe i've always been running slow but just don't know it!!!!

story of my life really :lol:
Who's meg?
The site has been slow and we're trying to get this sorted. Since the Amarillo video, chat change and wiki we've had server problems and think we may be at the limits of the server.

We're speaking to the hosts about this, and taking advice from the site software support forums and have a couple of options - one of which will happen shortly, possibly a second server (wallet twitch).

In the mean time, I apologise for any frustration caused.
Everything's running fine now, defragged the HD, did a disk cleanup..... and binned some of the stuff from my pc too! It's amazing how much rubbish can be gathered over a six month period...... :D
Spank it GCO, spank it.
Good CO said:
No, it was the site. It went slow for me for a while too, and has been misbehaving in general.
Oh well, at least I can go back to being a typical woman, collecting loads of rubbish and not defragging for another ten years! :roll:

Dale the snail said:
Spank it GCO, spank it..
Dale you're being vewwy vewwy rude, great British summer getting to you? :wink:
Good CO said:
Oh, one more fix for that long ignored PC:

Free and can make a HUGE difference to speed.
Thanks for that, I'll sort it all later. Only had this PC for six months, shouldn't be too much of a problem, though a (now banned) teenager tends to download anything and everything,..... I'm considering the possibility of trading her in for a new car.

Then again, I could just send her to Dale for some 'How to Behave' tuition!

Nahhhhh, I think I'd rather have the car..... :D

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