Running short and long distances ??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SneakyTeen, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi, just wondering which kind of running (long or short distance) is more important to get through basic and which has a bigger impact on your fitness levels ??

    Thanks alot.

    Oh and what is the longest distance I would run in basic as a junior para ?? as im trying to reach the para fitness level even if i dont join them. Thanks again. :D
  2. I have a peer reviewed Journal Article that states that 30 mins of Hill Sprints has greater positive cardiovascular adaptations than doing a 6-10 miler.
  3. Bloody hell ! Just out of interest would said hill have to be a mountainous beast or is running up and down a slight incline good enough ya rekon ??
  4. Doesnt have to be a moutainous beast! Just use your judgement, is it actually a hill or a path that goes up a bit?!

    A decent gradient is enough for good results.

    As for the running itself, I reckon mixing hill sprints and flat level interval sprints with a distance run would be beneficial. Its ok doin hill sprints, and will help your 1.5 mile run time too. But by getting some miles in too, you will help build your endurance
  5. In regards to hill runs, just get used to the harder terrain. My particular thing is a 45 degree hill and beasting it up (HIIT sprint work) and jogging down.

    I usually have a partial heart attack after the 3rd-4th.
  6. How about running to HR %? It is a good way to gauge how hard you are running.Run for 40mins 2-3 times a week and aim for 70-80% then as you get fitter progress to 80-90%. Incorporate interval training into your program ( I would aim for two sessions). It is up to you to decide whether you use these sessions to beast yourself with hill reps or 90% + 400m sprints or follow specific run times for set distances (eg 400m at 1:30mins x 4).
    You would be well advised to strengthen your upper body too. You would need to strengthen your chest, back and shoulders. Good upper body strength will help with your tabbing but don't go down the body builder route!

    Here is a HR measuring tool. It uses the Karnovan method which will require you too get your resting HR. Measure this in the morning when you first get up and average it out over 5 days. Using a HR monitor is the most accurate way to do this.

    HR % Tool
  7. 100 metres is usually about right for hill training, that way you can give 100% rather than slowing down over a longer distance. Basically if you do 30 mins hill reps, including warm up/down then that should give you a good workout. Rough guide is that you should just have enough energy to jog down the hill after running up it.
  8. Thanks for the replys everyone, been really helpful, hopefully with these tips ill be able to keep up in basic :)
  9. You could also, depending on weight, alternative the exercises if you're still hitting the HR's required.
    Example, I'm weighing 87kg these days, but did a lot of aerobic long distance stuff (140-sub 170 HR for 45 min-1 hour) and no running due to a groin injury. I then did a 1.5 and pull 9 minutes and 3 s. Not good I admit, but not bad considering no runs and only long distance stuff.

    edit- however HR based training, whilst being progressive, does take quite a while to pay off.
  10. PM your address, and I will send you copy of the Journal
  11. Why not combine running distance with hills included. I trained for half-marathons by running 10-12 miles in the hills round me, and when I had to run flat in the races I really saw the benefit.
    But you have to do lots of stretching and watch knees and back, so don't beast on the downwards run, beast upwards and use the down bits to get your breath back.

  12. Agreed

    I got ITB about this time last year because of trying to run too fast during my rest periods on the hill sprints
  13. An interesting paper on HR Max calculation
    PT 1

    PT 2

    You will find the paper quoted online just Google it!
  14. Will do, thanks