Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mrs_sting, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that do size 3 running shoes as everywhere I've been only start running shoes at a size 4 so i have to make do with a size 4 shoe which as you all know isn't good for you.

    Web sites or shops in the north of England (Yorkshire) would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Try buying a copy of runners world or similar and look in the classifieds.

    Have you tried googling it?
  3. LOL... Cheers once again jack-daniels
  4. Jack-daniel just another question is it true that Nike, Adidas, and new-balance running shoes are c##p or is it depending just on what the individual referrers.
  5. All depends on what shape/size feet you've got. Thats why if you're just starting out in the running world its best to go to a specialist running shop and not somewhere like JJB or JD sports as the assistants haven't got much knowledge.
    I personally use Asics and have done for 15 years or more, once you know what is best for you then you can trawl the internet for good deals etc. Most major brands all size up different, eg I bought Adidas once and had to go up two sizes! Though I usually go up 1/2 or a full size as you should have a bit of room in the toe box area so you don't get battered toe nails.
  6. Try Mothercare!! Lol

    Asics are a very good make, especially for cushioning.
  7. Yeah Asics, Saucony and Brooks are very reputable makers of running shoes but then you need to figure whether you under/over pronate etc to choose the right model... complicated stuff :D

    check a running website like runnersworld to see which you are.

    I have always used the Asics Cumulus and they can be practically stolen online nowdays! :D
  8. I've tried getting new-balance and asics but they only seem to start at a size 4, i currently have new-balance size 4 but like i said I'm a size 3.
    Dont think i'm gonna get a size 3:-(
  9. Wear two pairs of thick socks then!!!!!

    Voilà, as they say in Belgium!!
  10. That site I linked earlier do Asics in size 3.