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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by viceroy, May 18, 2011.

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  1. That time of year again. I have just ordered a pair of Asics Gel Fluent TR2 (laughable 85 USD on Almost everyone at the gym now uses Asics shoes, i still have a pair of Nike Shox from way back when.

    Just a few questions: any experience with this particulr model?
    Is Asics really the benchmark for running shoes these days or is it just marketing?
  2. Not tried your type but I bought some Gel Nimbus 10's (neutral cushioned) which were going cheap at Start and I'd been wanting to try some for a while. I seem to get on best with Adidas Supernova cushioned (Glide) and I've had a few pairs. I reckon the Asics are about on a par- a bit looser fitting than the Adidas and a bit bulkier. They were ok and I'd buy them again if similarly discounted, otherwise I'm more than happy with the Supernovas which are usually way cheaper, especially ones a season old.
  3. just bought a pair of Vibram 5-finger KSO. Once they get delivered i'll tell you what they are like.
    anybody tried them?
  4. Not got the bottle, I reckon I'd end up like a 70-year-old with osteoporosis after a couple of goes. My ageing bod needs cushioning.
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  5. apparently they make us run like we are supposed too. anyhow, i'll tell you when i try them lol
  6. I have discussed the five fingers shoes with my podiatrist, basically you have to run as god intended in them, on your toes, striking with the ball of the big toe, no further back. Great if you are a Kenyan long distance runner.

    Not so great if you are built like a Telly Tubby/Reme
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  7. I fancy giving these a go, but changing your running style after so many years scares me. I've seen articles where they describe running in these things as "falling forward then catching yourself", and it all sounds like a recipe for injury. I'll be interested to see if it's a fad, or will take off. Rimmer's world had a bit on them, and I like the idea of a more natural run, but have the nag in the back of my head that teaching an old dog new tricks could be difficult.

    Viceroy - get yourself down to a decent running shop and get them to give you some advice. Without seeing how you run, knowing how often you run, what distances and times you are and want to achieve it's impossible to say if the shoe is good for you.
  8. Rimmers World?

    5 Fingers basically gives a layer of protection to barefoot running, get your skankiest trainers that you no longer want to run in, saw the heel block off with a hacksaw, voila, all the protection of 5 fingers with no heel strike protection.
  9. Brilliant! Have you thought of a career with the design division at Nike?

    PS. I second Norniron's advice. Get your gait analysed before making a choice as shoes can cause all manner of problems if they affect your footfall in a bad way. I'd also want to be pretty sure they'd actually fit before I bought them online too, as it's a pain in the arrse exchanging things by post.

  10. Oops err some know them as Runners world ;-) They have a Tri group that run in silly flourescent yellow kit. Great group of guys but they'd like to call themselves the Pirates, but they're know as Rimmers....
  11. Prepare to be disappointed unless you're of Kenyan descent, let us know how it is to get the dog shit out from between the toes.
  12. End of 2010 I was a foot spazzer with mortons neuroma and plantar fasciitis.

    I got some five fingers and wore them pretty much for a straight 7 months, including 2.5 months on a fish farm in north queensland.

    My feet are no longer a problem and my running style has changed and become more efficient. Calves are stronger, feet are deffo stronger etc etc

    worth a punt

    Only downside is you look like a ****... you can imagine what throwback australians made of my monkey shoes....I used to tell them I couold kicked **** outy of them and run away, unlike them in their shuffle scrape flipflop/thongs
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  13. I've worn them for years, they're great in the wet, and I reckon they've strengthened my feet. I may look like a ****, but no-one's said so to my face.

    As for the dogshit, do as I do, and simply refrain from treading in it.
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  14. They have got some serious traction as well. If you are sporting your mountain boots you kick in the agressive heel when descending on slippery/muddy gradients. When you've got your Five fingers on the grip comes from the toes and the extra surface area.

    I can't recommend them enough as a positive biomechanical change for the better

    and standing in shit is no drama, hose em dowm they are dry in 5 minutes while you wear them, sling em in the washing machine and they are gleaming
  15. Ad55, you've chosen the better sort in the KSO's, as mine are the Classics, and they tend to come off at the heel if I don't fasten the cord. They do need regular washing, otherwise they get whiffy quickly. You can also buy accompanying Screaming Multicoloured Gaylord socks if you insist on starting fights wherever you go.
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