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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wellyhead, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. Any advice for me as I go to purchase a near pair to replace my happy slap dappers that have seen better days ?

    To put it bluntly I need a pair that can do distance, so hard wearing, light but won't cost the earth, sub hundred quid (50-70 ??)

    In the past I have used Reeboks but they fall apart too much and have more recently worn adidas which have been very hard wearing (but they were more a lightweight cross trainer

    advice ?

  2. adidas climacools do me quite well
  3. Asics GT 2100 - excellent - lots of fore and rear foot cushioning and support for over pronators. RRP £80 ish but if you got o Soccer Sport you can get them for £60!
  4. Go to a proper running shop and get them to analyse your feet and running style. They will do this for free and also offer you a range of non-fashion traniers starting from £40 upwards.

    If you need a name of a store let me know where you are and I'll check..

    Keep on running! :lol:
  5. Whould love to do that but all I see round me is JJB and other fashion sports places

    btw I'm in southampton
  6. msr

    msr LE

    A quick flick through 'Running' magazine in your local WHSmugs should give you some local shops.

  7. Good advice there from Bibo_Boy.

    I have also been told that when you find a make of running shoe that fits well and is comfortable then stick with them. As a result i have now had four pairs of Mizuno running shoes.
  8. True... I wear nothing but Nikes now..... Just feel right, but try loads and also most good shops will let you run around the block in them before buying...

    Adidas do a return in a few days if you don't like them on some running shoes...
  9. Know what you mean, i wore Reebok Hexalites for years and loved them but they fell apart far too quickly for myt budget

    I moved onto adidas and never had a prob, never tried Nike mainly due to the fact all I ever see is ridiculous dayglo things on chav feet

    Thanks for the info I'll try and pop over this arfo to see what he says (taking it he's recovered from the marathon)

    Look at Shopping Partners on the LHS of site.

    You've also got a Soccer Sport (Donnay) shop in West Quays shopping centre. Was in it 2 weeks ago.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    The best place near us is actually in <spit> Pompey -
    Alexandra Sports near the Mountbatten Centre.

    Take your current shoes with you. When I ran FLM in 2000 I went there because I worked in the Dockyard at the time. They sized up my feet and made me run round the block wearing five different pairs before I settled on a pair of New Balance 851's.( Which incidentally, even though now totally shot, I wore for the Totton 10K two weeks ago. Got round in c.50 minutes, not a PB !)

    Take your MoD Form 90 with you 'cos they do a 10% service discount.

    Expect to pay anything from £35 upwards. Runners World do a good Shoe guide -

    There's another (new) running shop in Harnham that does a Service discount but I've yet to visit.

    You need REAL running shoes if you are aiming to do more than 3 miles on a regular basis. The Army issue Silver Flash is okay for general purposes but I find it doesn't give enough support for longer distances ( my feet are prolly flattening out as I reach buspass age...)

    You up for the Alton 10 ?

    Le Chevre
  12. 8O Woah there - no spitting here!!!

    I dunno, who lets the Scum on here :wink:

    I get my running shoes from Alexandra Sports - well informed staff.
  13. [​IMG]

    He's only got one leg!, I tell a lie.